30 Days of Touchdown:

Gain Grounding

These challenges are meant to help you find your grounding during times where you're high on the possibilities of what may be or horribly anxious with what may come. Each of these challenges will help you get through your days in a more balanced style, aligning your wants and needs in a way that helps your sanity stay in tact. Drop the frenzy, the foggy, the flighty, and the fear. Get yourself from feeling up in the air to smoothly landing a cheer-worthy touchdown experience. 

Challenge yourself to make your days full of love. Each day will consist of an action that will get more challenging as the days progress. This will have you moving through your days with your heart and full of love for you and  the world around you. Think of as many people possible that you can utilize these actions on. The more there are, the stronger your love game. Have fun. Game on!

"Aiyana has been a breath of fresh air. She has been extremely helpful in our sessions and has given me great advice.

With her guidance, I can now see clearly what my future has in-store for me. Coming from a uncertain place she really gave me some peace of mind in a time where I was frustrated. With that being said I am extremely grateful for Aiyana and her gifts."


-Frank Banos
Licensed Hypnotherapist & Communications Specialist
Finding Life's Compass

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