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Hello, Beautiful Being! I'm Aiyana, a Deep Desire Advisor & Divine-Energy Healer dedicated to nurture heart-centered powerhouses to embody emotional freedom and deep connection with their truest selves for a fulfilling and purposeful life experience. 


I'm a USC Master's degree and teaching credential earner, who has healed from depression, anxiety, addictions, and "incurable" dis-eases.


My heart has always been in helping others learn how to get most out of their life experiences and enjoying their journey along the way. And, now I get to support expansive journeys and do so in the most intensively impactful way. 

Why am I so passionate about it? Whew. You got a minute?

I was miserable, unhealthy, broke, and saw NO WAY of how I could change my life.


I ran myself into the ground trying to FORCE  a happier existence instead of focusing on my inner-work and healing my spirit.


Well, the effect to that cause was hitting rock bottom. And, in that moment, I had a choice... a fulfilling life or the death of my spirit. And, as any inherently abundant being questions: why not both?

I chose to FINALLY do the inner-work and see where that could get me because trying to "make it happen" JUST WASN'T WORKING. The doctors visits and guesstimate diagnoses JUST WEREN'T WORKING. I needed something much deeper than symptom coverups. I needed solutions.

Now that I've done a TON of inner work, and allowed my spirt's to rebirth. And, my Soul called in my Divine to step into my true mission as an ever-evolving Quantum Energy Alchemist and Celestial Shaman.


Curious as to how I apply this?

I'm crown-deep in my Awakening, which has ignited my Lightworker calling through certified Pranic Healing techniques, Energy Healer via Ancient Divine-Energy Alchemy, Intuitive Empathy, Spirit Guide Translation, and Advisor in Deep Desire, focusing on providing root deep solutions to your painful cycles.

I now use my potent gifts and abilities to accelerate healing and train individuals in accessing their most beneficial selves, utilizing Light and individualized messages to guide them to their most purposeful path.


I've gathered all my knowledge and experiences from being an educator and a Lightworker to support beings in Lightening their energetic and chakral loads by clearing blocks in the quantum to help whomever has that fire and willingness to desire out of settling from a mediocre life.


How am I able to help with your energetic and mental blocks? Well, through my intense journey of healing...

"Love is magic! Truly loving yourself allows your gifts to fully evolve and flow where you want them to go, effortlessly and magically."


              - Aiyana Soulcial

I've aligned myself and unlocked my Divine given gifts, blessing me to see beyond the basics and work miracles.


So, what does all THIS mean, really?

Everyone I work with recruits a partner in their journey, someone who has their back in guiding with healing, flow, and a deep innerstanding of who you truly are. That partner is me.


If your goal is to be the best version of you, I WANT A PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU.

If you're ready for your truest SOUL path, I WANT A PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU.

If you're a heart-centered powerhouse aiming to uplift your community and/or humanity as a whole, I WANT A PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU.

If you are an upleveling, expansion souljah who can use some support, I WANT A PARTNERSHIP WITH YOU.

If you're seeing this now, it's TIME.

You're READY for incredible things to flow into your life. You GAVE your order to the Universe for a better life experience; your number has been called.


These services I offer are your LOA manifestations.

Are you willing to take the next steps?


I cordially invite your awesomeness to join the journey to creating a life you Love without pain overriding your choices. Live in your own creation. And, let's gets the healin'. 


Soulcial Healing is a frame of being. It's living from love, focusing on self-enhancements, connecting with what life has to offer, and insisting on thriving for YOU  and ALL OTHERS in your experience.


I'm not a fan of the question,

“what do you do for a living?”

That gives the impression that you live to work

and work is life.


For a living: I breathe, eat, hydrate, love, connect, meditate, 5D vibrate, and mentally levitate.


I don’t work. I WERK!

I do what I LOVE, which is helping you to

ignite your light, expand, uplevel, and get what you

TRULY desire in your personal AND business life.


In an Abalone Shell...

  • I'm an Empathic Healer, so I can feel where your pain is and why it feels that way.

  • I'm a Lightworker, so I use the highest vibration in Divine Light Energy to remove clogged up energies from your chakras and negative energy from your body, both of which can cause emotional distress, illnesses, diseases, conditions...

  • I'm an Divine Intuitive, so I speak to your TRUE Spirit Guides to get inside info to what YOUR true being wants and translate that info for you.

  • I'm on my journey as a Lemurian Celestian Shaman, so I understand ancient techniques and modalities, aligned to move your energy in harmony with ALL that you are and ALL that is quickly, effectively, efficiently, and harmoniously