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This page is dedicated to events throughout the nation that have a purpose in helping communities and humanity to connect, be empowered, and thrive. Premium SBC Members will get to post events (respectively) twice a week. Guests can submit events for approval once a month. Such events may include:

  • arts programs support

  • body healing services (massage therapy, reiki, pranice healing...)

  • community fundraisers

  • ecological living hacks

  • financial literacy

  • mental health  

  • meditation groups

  • support groups

  • volunteerism

  • whatever your loving heart desires

*events/programs do not have to be your own, but they must have approval of the creator/instructor/service provider for the event. Soulcial Bizarro's intent create an accessible platform to different events/programs for SBVs. Unless otherwise stated, Soulcial Bizarro and Mari Soulcial does not own these events/programs or pictures affiliated and will not be held responsible or liable for events/program or pictures posted. 




Interested in getting your

class(es)/event(s) or *your faves on this page? 


All U.S. regions welcome. 

"Aiyana has been a breath of fresh air. She has been extremely helpful in our sessions and has given me great advice.

With her guidance, I can now see clearly what my future has in-store for me. Coming from a uncertain place she really gave me some peace of mind in a time where I was frustrated. With that being said I am extremely grateful for Aiyana and her gifts."


-Frank Banos
Licensed Hypnotherapist & Communications Specialist
Finding Life's Compass

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