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Are you ready to step into your true divine feminine essence?

Soulcial Healing Invites You to Our Soulcial Connexion:
An Event for Women to Proclaim their Divine Power in the Midst of the
Pressures from Societal B.S.

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Welcome to 
Divine FEManation

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What You Will Learn and Experience:

  • Elicit completely cleansing your 3rd Eye connected to your true essence & how you relate to others via Divine Dance Sequence

  • Energize manifestations from a high vibrational state and receive gracefully

  • Experience feeling lighter and more free to be yourself

  • Experience nurturing to release the guilt and shame that hinders your feminine flow

  • Explore how to set and maintain healthy boundaries that honor you and others

  • Engage a shift from a state of organized chaos to powerful peace 

  • Expand to never feeling you have to apologize for being 

  • Evoke divine partnering to better feel what you can co-create in your life

  • Establish deep connexion with like-hearted women

Who Are We

3-Day Soulcial Connexion Schedule:

October 6th - 8th ~ Location in Ogden, Utah 84401

3rd Eye Chakra Clearing Shamanic Dance


Day 1

  • Check In & Settle-In

    • Starting at 5:00pm - nestle belongings into your sleeping space

  • Athena Gifting Activity

    • Entertaining engaging with other powerful women

  • Communal Dinner

    • Nutritious and delicious conversation and meal

  • Sisterhood Moon Ceremony Bonfire Gathering

    • Cacao Optional


  • Tend to your Being

    • Cold Press Juice + Coffee + Herbal Teas + Nurturing Free Time

  • Morning Stretches & Breathing Exercises

    • Optional

  • Basking Brunch

    • Embrace your moments to be and to be in connexion

  • Lessons & Life Tools

    • Build a relationship with your body, your beauty, and your being.

  • Rest & Revitalize

    • Eat a Light meal that supplements your glow

  • Communion & Care

    • Honor fullness in its entirety - Self, Inter, External Communion

  • Dine with Divine

    • Delve into embodied eating

  • Self-Care by Embracing

    • Receiving Practice being in the Divine Feminine

  • Phenomenal Woman Facilitation

    • Supported by the staff of powerfully flowing women

      • Included:

        • Reclamation Rose Circle with Aiyana

        • Peace Ceremony with Amy.

Day 2


  • Tend to your Being

    • Cold Press Juice + Coffee + Herbal Teas + Nurturing Free Time

  • Morning Stretches & Breathing

    • Optional

  • Basking Brunch

    • Embrace your moments to be and to be in connexion

  • 3rd Eye Chakral Clearing Dance

    • Movement to fully purge the heaviness in your 3rd Eye

  • Rapid Refresh Break

    • Breathe + Drink + Flush Out

  • 3rd Eye Meditation Sound Healing

    • Healing to replenish the chakra with healthy Divine energy

  • Rapid Revitalize

    • Eat a Light meal that supplements your glow

  • Divine FEManation Integration

    • Sift through your experience for implementation

  • Clean Up & Check Out

    • Starting at 4:00pm

Day 3

The Why

The rhetoric of needing to be the suit-up hustler, sexually submissive/sex kitten, and care taker while seamlessly shifting from one caricature to another is damaging to our beings as society has created an operating system which pits women in competition with other women and with ourselves to be ALL OF THE THINGS without breaking a nail.

Well, one thing you may not know is that YOU ARE ALL OF THE THINGS without having to fulfill someone else's agenda. This OS (operating system) that we're running has us out of tune with our body, emotions, true essence and Divinely supported being in our power of flow and able to receive gracefully.


Unlearning our conditioning by connecting to all that WE BE is so important to feeling free in all aspects of our experience. And, in this, we get to honor our masculine energy without it driving us or suppressing the freedom of our true potent feminine nature.

The What

Learn how to call in your balanced realness by commanding the Lover and Protector that you are in Divine FEManation:

  • Nurture the yin of your yan by inner-standing how to Love your body in the shape it is RIGHT NOW by sitting in its gloriousness.

  • Be in touch with knowing how important your whole system is by activating the Love for the whole of your higher feminine.

  • Utilize your womanhood as a true gift instead of the curse that we've been taught that it is and open the receiving mode within that.

  • Feel your emotions as higher intelligence and strength to healing, as opposed to a dramatic display of what's been deemed weak.

  • Be the powerful flow that that moves her hips unapologetically in her power with no need to conjure sexual magnetism to know your immense beauty.

The How

This Soulcial Connexion is a live event created by Aiyana Soulcial of Soulcial Healing, downloaded as a gift by Divine to Lighten the lives of women, compressed by the heaviness conditioned in our wonderfully amazing bodies and experiences, by being in communion with ourselves and each other.

Meet the MODLs -
Majesties of Divine Love 

Aiyana Soulcial

Divine Energy Alchemist - Celestial Shaman

  • Teacher

  • Guide 

  • Facilitator for Mediations

  • Shamanic Dance Instructor

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Amy Arellano

  • Guide 

  • Facilitator for Moon Circle

  • Client Care Designer

Intuitive Spiritual Essence Guide

Liz O'Connell

  • Facilitator for IV Drip

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Who I Be...


Hello, BEautiful BEing! I'm Aiyana, a Divine-Energy Healer dedicated to nurture heart-centered powerhouses to embody holistic freedom and deep connection with their truest selves for a fulfilling and purposeful life experience. I assist those who feel like they're in a pain prison into their personal power via the spiritual journey.


I'm a USC Master's degree and teaching credential earner, who has healed from depression, anxiety, addictions, and "incurable" dis-eases. Dance was my prayer since as early as I can remember. I've been blessed enough to help others move their body freely via teaching dance since 2004 with a minor in Ethnic Dance from San Francisco State University.

It was stripped FOR my existence in 2016, and I worked intently, consciously, consistently, and quickly to bring myself back to my feet. With that journey, I was gifted with amazing abilities to support others in their healing journeys. Divine then gifted me with sequences of dance movement to teach to women for their balanced freedom.

My heart has always been in helping others learn how to get most out of their life experiences and enjoying their journey along the way. And, now I get to support expansive journeys and do so in the most intensively impactful way. I've been blessed with this modality and am in connexion with the moon to bring this immense work to you.

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