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Soulcial Connexion Onboarding

Learn What's Available to You and Divine Timing for Access

  • 30 minutes

Service Description

Find out how KnowThyself can support your path back home to YOU. 2022 Soulcial Connexion: Know Thyself - Level 1 Thursday, June 16th - Monday, June 20th ~ 3 Day Learning Exploration Early Riser Price through March 18th, 2022 @ $4,000 & Divine Timing Priced @ $5,555 Soulcial Connexion: Be Thyself - Level 2 Friday, October 7th - Tuesday, October 11th ~3 Day Living Engagement Early Riser Price through September 16th, 2022 @ $6,000 & Divine Timing Priced @ $7,777 Soulcial Connexion: Embody Thyself - Level 3 TBD ~ 3 Day Leading Expansion Early Riser Price through TBD @ $8,000 & Divine Timing Priced @ $9,999 Surround yourself with Beautiful Beings ready to put their refined energy and genius towards lighting up the world around them! Learn how to interpret the messages of the Universe and clearly communicate with YOUR guidance. ​ Engage with tools, info, materials, and a connexion of like-hearted Beautiful Beings.  Receive support from professionals who practice safe fast tracks to free up your energy and walk you in the direction of YOUR high-vibrational truest self. ​ Network with Community that feels in their heart that this existence can move in a trajectory of healing, betterment, and connected consciousness towards a more cohesive existence that values beings and the planet we call home. One of our top priorities is Energy Hygiene. With this call, we want to ensure that we are doing our best to create a container for you to experience a fun learning environment in a supportive way. I look forward to connecting with you on a call to get to know you and have a quick energetic scan for the safety of all beings involved. Thank you for wanting the same!

Cancelation Policy

For any appointment not canceled/rescheduled 24 hours in advance, 85% of your purchase price will be refunded. You may choose to continue your appointment with whatever remaining time of your scheduled booking as long as you provide communication for urgent matters - if you choose to use your remaining time, you will not be refunded.

Contact Details

  • Ogden, UT, USA

    + 626.888.9067

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