Space Union and/or Blessing

Get Flow in Your House to Make It a Home.

  • 25 minutes
  • 240 US dollars

Service Description

Most houses and businesses in America have a design that PROMOTES separation. Energetically, this means that each room carries its own VIBRATION, which is why some people are more ATTRACTED to make a certain room THEIR space. Having your own space is great, but it LENDS to becoming DISCONNECTED from a community experience. A Space Union Energetic Shift BRIDGES the energy with itself and its occupants, ALLOWING for GOALS to be on the same POSITIVE vibration. Think of it as an Energetic Feng Shui without having to move anything around. As for blessings, we know that energy can remain in homes after it's been lived-in or because of where it's built. You know, some houses give off "weird vibes." Sometimes just a room feels colder even though it has the same temperature as the rest of the house. Some rooms make you want to leave as soon as you step inside; you know something is there that doesn't belong there. That means it's time for an energetic sweep. RESET your home with this service to REMEDY those situations. You can come home knowing that Light and Love will fill your space and ENCOURAGE your high-vibe experiences to keep on keepin' on. NOTE: Please keep in mind that I am an Energy Healer, not a Medium; I can remove any and all harmful energies, but I cannot communicate or relay messages of any spirits. *Payment Plans are available.

Cancellation Policy

For any appointment not canceled/rescheduled 24 hours in advance, 85% of your purchase price will be refunded. You may choose to continue your appointment with whatever remaining time of your scheduled booking as long as you provide communication for urgent matters - if you choose to use your remaining time, you will not be refunded.

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