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My focus is to help you clear out whatever's not serving you in 
MY gift is to able to move you through your Soul & Divine Contracts
as if you had said "YES" EVERY time. I have the abilities to bring you
up to speed to the life you signed up for, unlocking the gates to your
desires, natural gifts, purpose, and all the awesomeness your heart
has desired for a fulfilled life and impactful living.
- Aiyana Soulcial
  • Get Clarity, Direction, & Guidance Towards Your Desired Life FOR FREE
    20 min
  • Know the EXACT Source of Your Pains and Blocks & How to Start Healing
    40 min
    111 US dollars
  • Get Support Finding Systems That Work for YOUR Rapid Healing & Uplevel
    1 hr 15 min
    333 US dollars
  • Learn YOUR Specific Sacred Geometry to Support YOUR Frequency
    15 min
    25 US dollars
  • Learn How Your Dreams are Trying to Communicate with You
    20 min
    30 US dollars
  • Get Flow in Your House to Make It a Home.
    25 min
    240 US dollars
  • Get a Clearing for ALL Chakras in ONE SESSION
    40 min
    420 US dollars
  • Have Trauma Cleared from Your Chakras & Putting Back the Pieces You've...
    40 min
    600 US dollars
  • You Remember Feeling Free Before You Built Barriers- Yes, Be That Happ...
    45 min
    235 US dollars
  • Feel Peace in Your Female Body
    30 min
    250 US dollars
  • Bring Your Child's Discomforts Back to a Healthy Alignment with Source
    30 min
    140 US dollars
  • Give Your Pet the Most Comfort They Can Experience.
    45 min
    160 US dollars
  • Get Insider Info that Best Benefits Your Business and/or Life
    45 min
    90 US dollars
  • Get to the Point of What You Need Clarified
    30 min
    240 US dollars
  • Ease Your Energy Body with Knowing How Blessed You Are.
    1 hr
    480 US dollars
  • Gain the Ability to Move Forward from Your Old Patterns
    15 min
    333 US dollars
  • Free Yourself from Painful Cycles You Just Can't Seem to Shake
    45 min
    555 US dollars