30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 1

Day 1 Challenge:

Write a list of 3 THINGS in your life that you love and appreciate (hot showers, sheets from the dryer, refrigerated water...things you may usually take for granted). Thank it aloud for its existence and/or you can thank your higher source.

Why would this be an act of love? For some, their environment is taken for granted. Others don’t appreciate or hate their surroundings. This feeds into a day that is negative and leaves a person prone to frustration, anger, even hate.

Simply taking the time and energy to think of and write 3 things in your life can set your mood for the day. You can carry this list on you, take it to work, put it on your bathroom mirror, or on your front/back door as a reminder when you get home or when you need to leave your space again to finish your day.

Chris Cancialosi, contributor for Forbes Magazine finds, “When you train your appreciative eye in this way, you see there is so much to be appreciated.” This is where we want to start our mindset for being a Love Machine.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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