30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 10

Day 10 Challenge:

Give a loved one a random gift just because (make something, buy something, find something, pick a beloved but lonely article from your closet) and give without any intention of receiving anything in return.

The intention of this challenge is not to give just anything. The focus is to think of the receiver and what they may like or use that you can provide.

You don’t have to have funds to give this gift. This can be something you already own that would get more love from the person who’s been eyeballing it since you got it. It could be a printed and framed picture of your loved one looking on point that you’ve been keeping in your phone or on your computer. Whatever it may be, just make it thoughtful.

You know that when you give a gift you feel good. But, did you know that giving has been scientifically proven to make you happy? Say what? Truth, I speak. Suttie and Marsh published that, “giving [is] linked to the release of oxytocin, a hormone[...]that induces feelings of warmth, euphoria, and connection to others” in their article "5 Ways Giving is Good for You" in Great Good Magazine. In Time Magazine, Amanda MacMillan states that Phillipe Tobler, professor of neuroeconomics and social neuroscience, finds that “even little things have a beneficial effect—like bringing coffee to one’s office mates in the morning.” I'm sure you can even do this on an app for a loved one in another state. So, pick a lucky loved one for giving. Because...science.

Keep in mind that when you are getting the gift that you want to feel good about it. If you’re feeling all funky, you’re going to pass that energy on. Nobody wants any of that. Deep down, you know you don't want to spread that energy. Breathe. Feel good. Get that gift together. Then, give it with happiness and love.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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