30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 11

Day 11 Challenge:

Handwrite a meaningful letter to someone you love to let them know how much they are loved appreciated. Go deep with it. Hand it to them personally or snail mail it.

Why would I ask you to do something so archaic? There’s a lot of power in handwriting. Something about pen to paper is definitely magical. It’s even suggested in Katherine Smith's "Why Receiving Letters Makes Us Feel Loved" that it satisfies all the love languages originally published by Gary Chapman.

Typing, at times, can be mechanical and just flow with your thoughts, which is good for certain work or goals; it can be a wonderful thing. However, when you handwrite, you have so much intention with what your hand does next. You want it to feel right when you write.

Some of us remember writing and passing letters in class, right? Please tell me I’m not alone. Before the days of unlimited texting, your answers weren’t an auto-response unless you were given a yes or no question. You really focused on that person and wrote with feeling and intention. The purpose of this practice is to replicate that attention.

We’re trying to capture a feeling here. The quality of your handwriting is not the most important thing in this case. What matters is what you feel when you write to them. Let yourself fill up with love while spending time and attention on this challenge. It will make you feel good and your recipient will cherish it!

Handwriting should not be taken for granted or seen as a dead art. Let’s call it vintage...or RETRO. Whatever, let’s rebrand this thing however you want to keep it alive for you and the next coming generations. Alena Hall writes “9 Reasons Not To Abandon The Art Of The Handwritten Letter” in the “Healthy Living” column for HuffPost. The majority of the reasons have you moving through your heart space, keeping you a well-oiled Love Machine.

Pick a person, that may live near or far, and write to them. Let them know how much you love them, miss them, wish you could kiss them. Have fun with it. You can even decorate it! Don't neglect to SEND IT. You can even fold it '90s style and hand deliver it. Give yourself a couple days to get this done.

*If you’re unaware, you don’t have to buy stamps. You can buy a stamped envelope or just pay for the postage of one envelope at your nearest USPS, UPS, FedEx locations.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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