30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 16

Day 16 Challenge:

Give a hug to a loved one for at least 20 seconds - you might want to let them know ahead of time that it's gonna be a long one.


A few months ago, I got received the privilege to spend some quality time with my cousin's daughter. She had what seemed to be her traumatic potty training experience. When she wouldn't stop crying, her mom asked what she wanted. "I want hugs," she responded mid-cry. I decided to swoop in to be her hugger. After about 10 seconds, she calmed down. After about 15 seconds, she was completely pacified. 20 seconds later, she was ready to play and go about her day.

So, prepare to get comfy...in a loved one’s arms. In doing research about how long a long hug is, survey says: 20 seconds. So, plan for an embrace of at least 20 seconds. Try not to opt for your significant other. Hugging another family member or friend would be the challenging way to go.

Why is this helpful in Love Machine status? Hugging can bring about many emotions, all of which are in the family of positivity! Brace yourself for feelings of happiness, gratitude, hope, affirmations, and, our big winner, love.

After we’re children, the hugs typically get shorter as we try to for our own identities and gain our independence as teenagers. Some of us will progress so much, we can go back to being affection like children are - in their innocence. As growing young adults, we get hurt and guarded and find that opening ourselves up can be harmful and dangerous. Some protect themselves by making their affection a scarce resource - hugs and kisses happening reaction or obligation.

PREPARE YOUR LOVED ONE. Not all are used to or ready for something like this. You may not even be used to something like this. It would be wise to get consent whenever you are going to be intimate with anyone as it is their body. And, it would hurt to get rejected if they don’t know what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. If they don't agree, don't get discouraged. It just may not be their day. Find someone who is willing to receive love.

If you really let yourself connect with someone intentionally, and genuinely hug out of love for 20 seconds, you get visit from that one friend, oxytocin, we like so much who popped up in day ten. Yeah. We should definitely hang out with that buddy more often. Happy hugging!

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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