30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 17

Day 17 Challenge:

Plan a day to volunteer for someone in need, through charity or a person in your life, without the intention of receiving anything in return. Do it in good spirits. This is not a chore. Plan it and DO IT. Don't flake. If something comes up, reschedule it.

Altruism is a regenerative virtue. What’d you call me? Just kidding. But, seriously...giving or volunteering is a good deed that makes people feel alive again. If you’ve been feeling a little purposeless or like you have energy to spend and you don’t know where to deposit it, take it to the love bank. Help out people in need. I’m sure you felt a shock of awesome when you helped out a stranger on day three (and revisited on day five), which has multiple sources as to why the act of giving pumps up the Love Machinery. Think about receiving that feeling times like...thing of a big number - like that.

Alright, so planning and doing are two different things. Some of us are guilty of indulging in the first and never to hardly ever making friends with the second - doing is the completion of your intentions. How does this become easy or something to look forward to?

Here are five easy steps:

  1. Find people or causes you’re passionate about

  2. Locate one you can realistically participate in around your vicinity

  3. Visit the website or call the person or site/foundation for details to get yourself scheduled within the next week or two

  4. Mentally and physically prepare yourself and surround it with love

  5. DO IT

You can dedicate your time driving your friend around and help them find a job. You can help them on their garden project. Volunteer by cleaning up the beach. Help in houseless shelters (yes, I meant houseless - without a house doesn't mean without a home). Teach your parent how to use and enjoy the wonderful world of technology. There are SO MANY things you can help with because you...are...awesome.

Yes, you are a busy person. Yes, you have many obligations. You are more than welcomed, nay, encouraged, to make it a family experience. Replace it with your TV binging sessions; they’re not going anywhere - this is 2017. Don’t come up with excuses why you can’t. Give yourself reasons as to why you can’t miss this opportunity. Happy volunteering!

*Challenge for Experts in Volunteerism-

If you are a regular volunteer, feel great about it! You can do one of the 3:

  • Invite a friend along to your next one. Doing things with someone you know makes it that experience much more beautiful.This could also be the memory that solidifies your bond.

  • Ask a busy body or someone you care about, who needs motivation, what their concerns are and volunteer in place of that busy body. They'll be touched you did.

  • Revisit another challenge that you feel you may have struggled with or didn't get to. I'm sure you're a busy body too. If you feel like one wasn't done with your full intention and love, you can work also work on that one or do it in addition to another challenge.

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