30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 18

Day 18 Challenge:

For 2-5 minutes of your prayer/meditation, mention the name of anyone who has ever displayed an act of love for/towards you (whether you are still connected or not), Think of as many people as possible even if you don’t remember their name - REMEMBER, THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS.

We’re going to go back and visit to prayer and meditation from day two. However, this time, you will focus on others who have filled your experiences with love and blessings.

Activity: Start by thanking your higher-power and higher-self for all the love you’ve received or you can just Om. Then, while you take your deep breath in, think of someone who’s been good to you even if it was only once and/or only for a second in your life - go to that happy moment. When you’re there, at the top of your breath, say there name or who they were: “Tuesday’s Starbuck’s Barista…” Then, start to breathe out. At the tail-end of your breath, say, “...has been good to me.” Repeat that AS MANY TIMES as you can within your prayer or meditation.

In the case that all this giving has been weighing on you, during prayer or meditation, you can close your right hand or put it face down on your knee (this keeps your receiving channels open and your giving channels closed off). Feeling great? Keep both hands open. Either way, you may be compelled to touch your heart, which is A-Ok.

This is going to take a little bit of time, but try to let go of the effort. There is NO WAY that nobody has been nice to you. You can visualize those strangers on the street who complimented you or thanked you. It’s OK if you were nice first. Avoid making a list of their names ahead of time as this will be distracting. Just try to feel it as you’re in a mental space of love already.

Amateur meditators/prayers, give the naming process at least two minutes. Advanced, at least 5 minutes. Name a different person for every breath cycle. It’s OK if there are a minimal breathing cycles without being able to name someone quickly enough. Just keep going.

By the end of the exercise, you will see how blessed you are. You know you have the whole RSL (reason, season, lifetime) for people in your life, yes? OK. Just be in the moment; yes, I just typed that. And, I meant it.

SIDENOTE: If you are not aware of RSL, sneak peak - it will be discussed in next week’s lesson. So, even if you’re not on good terms anymore doesn’t mean you were never on good terms. You obviously let them interact in your life at one point.

JUST focus on one good moment, then move forward. With all of these, if you can find it in your heart, wish them well and be thankful for their moment in your life.

Best case scenario: this balances that bitter taste you may have with humanity. At the very least, it should calm down that anger you had for them, even if just for a few minutes right afterward. You MUST do this from your heart space. Being angry in a prayer or meditation won’t work for this one.

Let’s go over those steps again:

  1. Be thankful to whom/what you speak to in your meditation or prayer (you can even start Om-ing as that sound brings calm to your center)

  2. Continue or now start taking deeps breaths

  3. When you’re ready, start your 2-5 minutes of naming PEOPLE

  4. Deep breath in

  5. Aloud or in your mind, say name or relationship at the top of your breath (Mom, brother, Joe, Maria, that Home Depot guy…)

  6. Start to exhale slowly

  7. In the middle of the breath out, say “has been good to me” - again, aloud or in your mind

  8. Repeat

  9. Bask thoroughly

By the time your two minutes end, it will be nearly impossible not to smile and feel loved and blessed because you will have named at least 40 people; that’s a Los Angeles classroom full of kids, folks. That’s right. Imagine all of those people sitting in a chair in their most loving moment and smiling back at you.

Knowing that you are loved doesn't need research to prove that it makes you happy, does it?

We. Are. Loved! Act accordingly.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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