30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 21

Day 21 Challenge:

Handwrite a letter to yourself, as if you were your own best friend, and explain how great you are.

We’re often used to putting ourselves down, privately and/or publicly. For some reason, it’s a comfort to bash ourselves. Whether we believe it or were taught that in order to be humble, we have to practice to knock ourselves down, it's become ingrained in our self-commentary.

OK. Let’s say that’s degrading ourselves to stay humble is true and works...fine. Well, if your had a best friend, who bashed you every time simply for your existence, or for what you did or didn't do just to “keep you humble,” how much longer would you be best friends? In other words, if your BFF said to you what you say to you, would you wanna hang out with you? That’s what I thought. Your friendship would end quickly. Nobody wants any of that.

Someone who holds you down is different from someone who keeps you down. Having a friend who keeps it real is truly a gift! Having a friend who questions and berates your actions and essence is probably somebody who needs to stop projecting and become a Love Machine themselves.

SIDE NOTE: Really, to be humble, you just need to avoid feeling, thinking, or saying that you are better or more important than anyone else. Being humble is knowing you’re ah-fricken-mazing in your own right and comparisons to make yourself feel better or make others feel worse are highly unnecessary.

Be the BFF you want who holds you down by talking you up - see the real you, all the awesome that you are, and all the potential wonderfulness you embody.

So, self-BFFs, we’re going to show ourselves love by using the magical actions used in day eleven - handwriting. You are going to write yourself a letter stating only positive things. Leave the critiques and things to work on behind. At this point, you need your BFF to be supportive and complementary. Be that! Be that for yourself.

Where's the proof for this challenge? Do you remember how good it felt to write a letter to someone you love. Now, you will not only be the writer, you’ll also be the recipient (you can mail to yourself if you want - ain’t nobody stopping you but you). So, double the good feeling in your heart. Boom. Proof.

This writing is going to be your reference whenever you’re in doubt or feeling down. You can write bullet points if you’re a technical or a straight-to-the-point personality. That being said, this will be a powerful reference for you if you ready it like a letter - it’ll feel more personal.

This may be difficult to do only because of our training to put ourselves down. Deep down inside, we know how amazing we really are. Some may know it on the surface, and that gets a thumbs up.

Alright, all, gets the writin’. You got this!

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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