30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 22

Day 22 Challenge:

Tell/text yourself 3 reasons why you're deserving of love.

Being that you are not full of love for others, you deserve to have love for yourself. Now that you’ve written a letter o’ love to yourself, you have a great foundation on what to say aloud. Even if you opt to just text this to yourself, when you receive the text - even if you decide to open it later, say what you see (in a whisper or aloud). Doing both is a double whammy of a jolt to your happy heart.

This is the second time you are loving to yourself in these challenges. You are affirming your worth as a being. You are also helping boost your overall mood. Instead of looking for outside sources to validate existence, you can do it for yourself.

This assists you to be are in charge of how your day goes. Ray Williams, Master Coach and Trainer, and CEO of Wired for Success states in Psychology Today that affirmations are scientifically found to be a stress reducer. You can eventually wean yourself off desiring drugs, alcohol, and other depressants if you are committed to this practice any time you are stressed.

DISCLAIMER: The amount of time may increase depending on how addictive your personality and/or mental condition. Other helpful practices and supplements may be necessary or helpful.

For those who saw Girls' Trip, even if you didn’t enjoy the movie, you did notice when the character, Ryan Pierce, was nervous or stressed out, she would repeat her mantra, “I am strong. I am beautiful. I am powerful.” Say whatever three things you choose as many times as you need to. You may not be feeling it at that exact moment, but you know it’s in you. Believe it until you receive it. There is more research around this appreciation practice day one and day four; that’s right - you are appreciating who you are.

If you already know many things you love about yourself, narrow it down to three. This is helpful, again, for the power of three explanation given on day nineteen. Listing three will also be easy to remember in those times when you need it the most. You can call this what you want: your list, your mantra, your supplements, your “Nobody Gonna Break-a My Stride Bullet Points” - you get it. You can even do the dance if you want to (thanks, Matthew Wilder).

Either way, hold the intention to energize your heart with love and appreciation. This will assist in placing you in a space to hold the same love and appreciation for others. Happy self-loving!

BONUS: Actors of Girls' Trip discussing what mantras they use to get themselves in the groove as a practice and/or when they want/need it most.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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