30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 27

Day 27 Challenge:

Thank your past-self for all it endured because YOU are the beautiful, strong soul you've become -a soul less judgmental of yourself and others- one that is more open to loving yourself and your journey.

I think everyone of us can look back at our past and think of moments that just sucked, horribly. Those moments planted a seed within us that made us who we are today. You’ve forgiven someone for at least one of those seeds on day twenty. And you forgave yourself on day twenty-four.

We, as Love Machines, have developed a lot of love for ourselves even around our pains and challenges; this doesn’t mean that we’ve come to terms with them yet.

This day is to celebrate your resilience. You are still here! And, the fact that you have gotten this far in all these Love Machine challenges means that you are not damaged goods. You are determined to have your being, your soul, your heart become indestructible. Can I get a heck-YEAH!

There are moments in our life that are hard to look back at. Look back. Do it anyway and thank that being getting back up; thank them for who you are.

You can be vague:

“Thank you, Past Mari, for having jobs that you couldn’t stand then quit even though it meant leaving security behind. Thank you for going through those unhealthy relationships that you could no longer endure and ending them. I am who I am now because of the boundaries that you have set and the wants in your life for which you refuse to compromise.”

You can get specific:

“Thank you, Eight-Year-Old Mari, for deciding that your relationships would be different from your parents; you will never yell.”

“Thank you, Twenty-Eight-Year Old Mari, for being in that abusive relationship because it taught you never to judge a woman for being in one. She is not 'weak.'”

“Thank you, Thirty-Five-Year-Old Mari, for leaving your secure career because you knew that you were meant for something off the beaten path.”

How do I know this works? I did it. I don’t have any evidence to back it up besides knowing that I did what I could at that moment and am deciding that I will only do the best I can from now on. Now, I'm better than I've ever been. I'm the happiest I can ever remember.

It’s time to make peace with everything you’ve been through. Again, moral compass = great. But, you don’t need to hold yourself back anymore. You don’t need what you think others think of you for those moments stunting your growth.

Things may have been bad, they may still be in the works, they may have moments of suck in the future. Just remember, forgive and be gentle. We're all human. And now, you’re a human who wants to be as loving as you are humanly capable of. Kudos.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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