30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 28

Day 28 Challenge:

Find a picture of toddler-you and tell them that you love them and that they are awesome. Let them know that they deserve the best life possible and you're going to make sure they have it; give them comfort.

How is finding this picture helpful? As you have probably figured out by now, many of us have trauma from our past, especially childhood, that we still need to release. It’s buried deep in our psyche. There are instances when we were hurting, emotionally or physically, and all we wanted at that moment was a hug, some comfort. We didn’t get it then; it’s time to give it to ourselves now.

The mind is a very powerful part of our human abilities. We can learn beyond fight or flight. We can heal ourselves. Many therapists will have their patients go back into their childhood to find where they need healing, whether it be traumatic or just painful. There is nothing saying that you can’t do this for yourself with your mind, your imagination. As Marisa Peer; revered author, therapist, public speaker, and hypnotist; would say that it’s the moment you developed negative language and negative pictures.

The picture is for those who need something more concrete. If you don’t have one or have the ability to do well with imagination, you can simply close your eyes and get to your child-self that needs healing (if you feel compelled to have your higher-source join you on this journey and walk beside you, by all means...).

Here’s the journey in steps (read fully before proceeding):

Be in a state of peace and calm. Breathe.

  1. You will close your eyes or look at your child-self.

  2. Imagine a time that was painful - you can do this for many moments, but it can get intense; for this time, just start with a moment.

  3. You are there to release the pain not relive it - find your child-self immediately post-pain when they are by themselves.

  4. Kneel down with or sit down with your child-self.

  5. Put your arm around them. Hold them. Comfort them. Tell them they are loved and how awesome they are. Give this time.

  6. Let them know they’re going to be fine - you won’t let this moment define your life.

  7. Offer them to walk with you, and take them to you current life.

  8. Show them how wonderful it is along all the great things they have to look forward to (I did this when I was jobless, houseless, and uncertain of any future with anything or anyone; it still worked for me).

  9. Get your toddler-self to be comforted, happy, excited…Let them know you promise to take care of them the best you can and give them the life that innocent love deserves.

  10. Give them that 20 second hug we talked about on day sixteen, meaningful kiss on the forehead from day eight. And say good-bye.

  11. Come back to current life (crying is more than OK - sometimes it’s needed for your process).

From now on, look back on that difficult memory knowing that you were comforted.

CAUTION: Do not go into your past and throw a dropkick to the throat of the person who hurt you. That would be counterproductive. You’ve been hurting a lot of people, including yourself, for many years; that is moving from a place of anger. Go in with your heart open to heal you.

This seems out there, I. know. It seems far-fetched. But, really think about where a lot of our anxieties, fears, triggers, and self-sabotage come out of: our past. It’s worth a shot to calm all of these with our imagination. Why not? It couldn’t make the situation worse.

So, here’s to our brain, our emotions, and our ability to be powerful enough to handle damage control (for some of us, decades later). Cheers! We are loving to others. Let’s be loving to ourselves.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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