30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 29

Day 29 Challenge:

Write out the things you want and deserve in the best life you can imagine for yourself and thank whatever source you want for making them available to you because you love yourself and you are deserving. BELIEVE IT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE IT.

You have forgiven yourself - let go of guilt and shame, thanked your past-self for their resilience, and comforted your child-self that may have picked up any self-destructive behaviors; it’s time to open yourself up to the life you’ve always wanted.

Many of us hadn’t thought our dreams or best versions of what we’re living was possible. We cut ourselves off, relying on the good ol’ “you can’t have it all” because you've never seen it, or nobody in your family ever has, or so on and so forth (that’s different from, “have your cake and eat it too,” which implies you are getting the best situation while others are oblivious or negatively affected by it). "You can't have it all" was your past. Now that your heart is in the right place, you can definitely have all the great things in life that you need and want. Nobody’s stopping you but you.

*If you have someone in your life that is highly negative or isn't supportive of your Love Machine journey, you can keep this in a place that is for your eyes only. Either they will come around to your happy place or leave so you can keep your happy place and bring someone in your life who is ready to supplement that happiness. Are they family? They'll see the changes and join in or leave you alone. Win-win.

Write that letter or make a list. Again, handwriting tends to be more magical as explained in the blog or day eleven. Are you a vision board type of person? Have at it. You want to cement those desires in stone? DO BOTH. If you’re a goal-oriented type, you can set realistic dates for things you want and need in your life. Now that you know you’re deserving, it’s bound to happen. The only question now is, “when?

Some have done this when they're heart wasn't in the right place, they weren't clear on their desires and/or intentions, or they were impatient. That route takes much longer or your signals are so mixed it won't happen at all. You've done the work to get you in the right space and place. It's time!

Your desires don't have to be material objects. They can be ideas, embodied words (joy, love, confidence...). But, they most definitely can be objects if you wish.

Others may argue that we aren't supposed to want. We should be happy with what we have. WE DEFINITELY SHOULD BE. But, if you're in a place of barely making it or not comfortable, you may sink back into that fear monster and think from a place of lack. Your heart is full. Your life should be too. When you have what you want, you are more readily able to give like you really want to. So, want for you so you are fully able to serve others without hesitation.

OK, you’ve created your list or letter and/or vision board. What do you do now?

Higher-Power People:

If you’re a high-power lover, connect by praying or meditation and say, “I am thankful that you will allow into my life…” Read that letter or list and/or describe what’s on your vision board. Close it up by appreciating the abundance you already have and the abundance you will receive because you are made from divinity.

Sole-Creator Spirits:

You’re going to take a more Law of Attraction approach. You’re going to follow the same steps except you don’t have to pray or meditate. Instead of saying “I am thankful you…” say, “I am thankful I am allowing into my life…” and follow the same steps. You will close yours up with appreciation for the abundance that you are attracting into your life because you have are here to experience being a creator by source energy.”

*If you’re thrown-off that there are two descriptions and you don’t approve, you may want to check back into your heart space and try again. This is about you as a being of love, not of judgement. It is not our place to judge others peaceful beliefs and practices, just to be kind and guide with love.

Being appreciative is an act of love. If your wants or needs are ill-intended, you may end up hurting others, but you will also inevitably hurt yourself. This is why this is one of the last challenges. Your heart should be strong and open to do and be the best in your life.

Here are supplementary actions to help acquire your desires.

Be careful not to obsess over these wants. Knowing it is good. Having a physical copy to access is enough. You can even put your letter/list and/or vision board away. It doesn't have to be in your face all day every day. Just know it will come into being for you when it's time.

This IS NOT a stare at your list or board, lie on your back, and cross your fingers kind of deserving! Keep in mind that this writing and visual is to keep your mind open to what you really want. When opportunity meets desire, there's a good chance it will be; when you add preparation and action to the equation, there can only be a small margin of not acquiring what you're desiring. That small margin can be you're unwilling for things you didn't take into consideration (family, a current relationship, a secure job you're too scared to let go of...). Be sure you know what you want; this can always shift. After all, we are human.

When you believe wholeheartedly and with clarity, you will receive; and, when you are thankful for what you have and will have, it causes magical miracles to take place. Keep being that person of love and when it’s time, these desires you have will be. And so it is.

Amen. A'ho. Hari Om. Blessed be. Asalam.

*Feel free to share in the comment below what you say when you end your prayer or meditation!

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