30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 7

Day 7 Challenge:

SIT someone near and dear down, LOOK them in the eyes, and TELL them you that you love them and give them 3 reasons why. Be genuine.

So often we just let fly from our lips a casual “love you.” It’s nice, but it becomes routine. Break from auto-pilot and take a moment to acknowledge someone in an intimate moment of saying “I...love...you.” Make each word intentional.

Give them three reasons that your love consistently flows for them daily. It could be how they make you laugh, how caring they are with others, how hard they try to be the best they can, etc. This can be something that is very uncomfortable for you; it’s a CHALLENGE. You can be preemptive in saying that you just want to say something really quickly that doesn’t need/warrant a response.

These words carry a lot of weight when you say them meaningfully. It may feel weird or uncomfortable if you’re not one to be emotional, but it really will feel good after the pounding heart beats subside. Sitting them down makes it a serious matter. And the eye contact is super important. “It can be very uncomfortable having to sit face-to-face at a very close distance[...] states Adrian Furnham PhD. His findings declare “who we look at and for how long can have more of an impact than our words.” Three reasons shows the person that you really thought about how meaningful they are to you. It’ll feel good for you to say it.

Many reactions are possible. Don’t be discouraged if the other person isn’t ready to move from their heart space or feels this is an invitation to address relationship woes. Again, you can deflect that with the preemptive statement.

After you follow the three important steps, you can decide to be affectionate after, sit in silence, or jump up and down in celebration. Either way, just know that you decided to go forth with your heart today.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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