30 Days of Being a Love Machine: Day 9

Day 9 Challenge:

Send someone you love a song dedication through an app, YouTube, or even take a pic of the song/album and send it to them.

We’re going Old Skool with new new technology for this one. Why would this silly little action be a movement through your lovely heart space? You need to find the perfect song. Think about how much time you used to spend picking the perfect song for your significant other or bestie.

People used to make dedications on the radio ALL the time. I think this is a dying practice, but it is one that still makes people feel good. It brings a smile to their face because they feel special that you took the time to find the perfect jam to say what they mean to you.

The long and short of it is that it’s as difficult as it is easy. There is access to literally at least hundreds of thousands of songs. How do you pick the one? Try not to get anxious over it. Keep it simple. Just make sure the content is this person to a tee. If they have to question any part of it, it could get weird.

Music not their jam? Is TV or comic books their thang? Send your favorite episode or edition that totally reminds you of them...because it’s 2017 and we can do that now. Whatever it is and however you send it, Just remember to send something that they can access from their device.

This one may take a little time, but it can totally be worth it.

I have to be transparent with all of you; I do not have research to back this up. I only have personal experience. And, I do know music is magical; Kimberly Sena Moore, Ph.D. would agree. It feels great to know that somebody listened to a song the whole way through and was like, “yeah, this reminds me of Mari. AND, I’m gonna let her know about it.” Think about when you’ve had a dedication sent to you. Ahhh. Bask in that glow and send that love out to someone right now.

#loveintentionally #soulciallove #loveliving

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