30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 1

Day 1 Challenge:

Sanity Stones

Much spur of the moment awesomeness will take place this month, so make a skeleton calendar to keep your sanity stones (set days for deep prayer/meditation, exercise, family QT, soothing bath times…).

It’s easy to get lost in the flow and frazzle of holiday cheer, shopping, misery, D. All of the above - it seems to be a paradox of joyful misery for many. Finding grounding in your organization will help greatly. If you aren't one to be organized, this'll be a great practice for many future happenings in your life. Queen/King Organizer, you say? Good! Just make sure you plan time for yourself to be yourself.

If you’re either flying high with excitement or head in the clouds waiting for it to be over, get your calendar filled with ways to touch down during the holidays. Plan prayer/and meditation. Yes, write it down even if you do it every day. Plan days for exercise, extra sleep, time to rest your bones. These are non-negotiable events in your calendar. Daily activities and to-dos can be added or subtracted, but these ways to ground yourself will ALWAYS be taken care of. It’ll help greatly this month; you’ll see.

No matter what comes up, set these days IN STONE for your sanity. Continue keeping on top of your checklist. This is not to berate yourself if you miss any personal appointments. This is to keep track of your progress of practicing activities that are good for your overall wellbeing. Every day is a new day. Shoot; every moment is a new moment. You can always add a practice if the day shifts and it's needed. The aim is to stick to routine for focus, self-betterment, self-healing, and grounding.

Create a good space around your scheduling. Avoid making this feel like a chore. Prep yourself to feel good while you're organizing wonderfulness to boost your quality of life.

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