30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 10

Day 10 Challenge:

Family and Friends Forecast.

Whether you’re a holiday person or not, religious or not, most people tend to see a lot of family around these times. What a glorious experience, sometimes. This is not always a joy for all. This can be a huge portion of anxiety for some people. So, how do you ease this issue? DON'T make it an issue.

Think of anyone or everyone that may have some tendencies to annoy you or push your buttons. Now, focus on any positive or entertaining aspect of them. Write that characteristic or action down. Be happy that you get to experience these things. Smile about it. Make these things something to look forward to.

Positive is the goal for you. Word! Look forward to it or make it a point to bring that pleasant side out. Pump yourself up for when:

  • Your cousins get your Uncle Jimmy to belt out the Sinatra impression he does so well.

  • You have Grandma Liz tell you about the time she caught your grandpa holding the puppy like a baby - you know, the puppy he swore he hated.

  • And, your Auntie Emily definitely brings that dish you love oh, so much.

Positive experiences are NOT the M.O. (main objective) for your family. Alrighty, then. Have fun looking for the entertaining parts - now, this one is for your sanity, not theirs (the rules of this game is that you cannot make it happen; it’s got to happen naturally). You can treat yourself to something everytime quirky happens. You can even take score. For instance:

  • Uncle Jimmy likes to secretly pick his nose. SCORE.

  • Grandma Liz likes to ask if you’re pregnant or just gaining weight. SCORE.

  • Auntie Emily wants to know why you didn’t settle down with that pretty girlfriend you had 7 years ago...in front of your current girlfriend. SCORE.

These tactics also work for mutual friends and the likes thereof. So, no need to sulk. Make this entertaining for yourself.

For the list you’re going to make, you can do one person, characteristic, or quick a day or do them all at once and just continue to look at the list daily. Train yourself to look forward to seeing them so that energy stays positive.

No more anxiety for these experiences. Replace that with excitement. You are going to be grounded before, during, and after all that will take place. Have fun!

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