30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 12

Day 12 Challenge:

Quality Quote.

Affirmations are a great way to start or end your day. You can find other great ways that will boost you up to get you through rough times or to keep yourself grounded.

Find yourself a quality quote. You can find many if you’d like. Have some for every day or get one for the month. It’s going to be the quote you look to for inspiration.

You’re going to keep to your daily affirmations of appreciation. The quotes are going to be supplemental, in addition, to your routine to keep your touchdowns calm.

There are many apps that offer inspirational quotes, you can grab a new one every day or multiple times a day. You can pick one yourself and make it your wallpaper on any of your electronic devices.

This may not seem like a touchdown tool, but it most definitely is. I always had a hard time moving forward because of past attempts and not sure of what the future holds. Now, everytime I look at the quote on my website, it helps me remember that my ability for greatness is in the now and that being in the moment is important for my success. Thanks Ralph Waldo Emerson for, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” And, it helps me every day.

Find that one quote or find many that helps you gain grounding. Stay aligned, stay centered, stay focused. Stay golden, Pony Boy (I had to). Really, though, find that magical construction of words that keeps you zoned in on the game.

#gainground #soulcialthriver #wehavetouchdown

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"Aiyana has been a breath of fresh air. She has been extremely helpful in our sessions and has given me great advice.

With her guidance, I can now see clearly what my future has in-store for me. Coming from a uncertain place she really gave me some peace of mind in a time where I was frustrated. With that being said I am extremely grateful for Aiyana and her gifts."


-Frank Banos
Licensed Hypnotherapist & Communications Specialist
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