30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 14

Day 14 Challenge:

Joyful Jar.

You can use any nice clear glass - preferably a jar, jug or large mug (you can start in any regular glass until you acquire one of the previously mentioned). In this vessel, you will place little notes of what you are blessed with in your life. You can take ideas from your Grateful Glass as well as your Appreciation Affirmations. You will only add at least one per day.

Something that would make this fun and decorative is to write it on different colored paper, some of your favorite colors. This jar will fill up with a beautiful palette of color. You can even color code them by the type of blessing: health, people (family and friends), success, wealth, lost and founds... Go one step farther and origami those lovelies. How do you go about doing that? YouTube. 'Cause I have not one clue.

By the end of the month, there is physical evidence of how blessed you really are. You can keep this going for all of next year. You can do a monthly Joyful Jar, an annual one, or start a new one when filled.

When all is written and done, you can gift the blessings to others. If you remember who they were about, you can tie/glue/tape them to a present. You can decorate your house or personal space with them, string 'em up and make them curtains! More YouTubing for you. There are endless possibilities to what you can do with these sweet pieces of joy. Get as creative or keep it as simple as you’d like.

During difficult times, seeing these little pieces of paper will ground you when you want to lose it the most. Those times may call to take out some of those notes and open them back up to remind yourself exactly of what you're so fortunate to have.

If you take it out on these little pieces of love, it doesn’t take away your blessings. It means you just cast them aside to consider them unimportant at the moment. That moment will pass. You will understand again how blessed you really are.

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