30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 15

Day 15 Challenge:

Work Your Whack.

When you are unbalanced, breathe. Literally. Take at least three deep breaths and use your hands as a gesture for working your unaligned energy, where it is out of whack, back to center. I know what some of you are thinking. “I need to what and the who in the where?” Alright, let me explain; it’s gonna get a little energy-like up in here.

You’ve probably heard more and more that energy flows through us. Some say it’s the energy of God, others say it is divine energy, the rest will say it’s simply nothing more than energy. I’m not here to argue which is which.

I’m here to say that, whatever you know, your energy can be shifted. There are times when it takes a lot of focus and effort. Thankfully, there are moments when you just need a little focus to get it back together.

If you don’t know what energy sits where in your body (link below), you can simply gesture in front of you. Here’s what you do:

  1. Put hands palm to palm with fingers tips towards the sky in front of your chest, head, stomach, or anywhere you don’t feel right.

  2. Slide one hand to the bottom of the other with your middle finger touching the palm of the other hand, all fingers still up towards the sky.​

  3. Separate your hands, giving 12 inches of space between them.

  4. Closing your eyes helps, but you can keep them open if you like.

  5. Take a deep breath.Start to push that space that exists between the 12 inches towards each other, keeping your hands and arms in the positions you shifted to.

  6. Take another deep breath.

  7. Push that space again, imagining you are guiding pieces into a straight line. *pictured above

  8. Take another deep breath.

  9. Continue until you feel like you have pushed the energy to be centered with the center of your body.

  10. Return to normal breathing and going about your business.

If you want a quick explanation of what energy sits where, you can go here.

Do this as often as you need to. This can be used if you’re feeling overwhelmed at any point, if you start to get too anxious, and/or if you can’t focus for whatever reason. It’s a quick fix that just takes imagination. Imagine that your energy is coming together. You can thank whatever entity you want for helping you get it together if that feels right for you.

If you think the hand thing is too much for you, just do the rest of the steps and imagine you coming back to yourself in the center of your body - being aligned, which will help ground you at that moment.

You can do this with or without hand gestures no matter where you are. If anybody looks at you funny, don't mind them. This is for YOUR sanity. Stay sane, beautiful souls!

#gainground #soulcialthriver #wehavetouchdown

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