30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 17

Day 17 Challenge:

Tea Time.

Start or finish off your day with a tea. How is that a challenge? Well, first, I’m asking you to set aside an extra 25-30 minutes for this; yes, this meaning tea. Why would this be a thing? This is going to be your form of meditation.

We are often taught that we need to be productive, always. And if we want to connect to ourself, we need to be completely still A.K.A. meditate. That is an awesome thing to do, but you can also just be in the moment.

Be with your tea. Don’t let your mind race and think of all the things you have to do. Simply drink your tea. Take your time with it. Feel the steam on your face, the warmth in your hands, how it fills your belly.

You can start focusing in the preparation phase, as early as pouring water to boil, about your intentions for the tea. It’s even possible to meditate in between time while it’s steeping. Or, you can run around and do the one-thousand-five things to do on your list while your tea is being prepared and just take that time while drinking your tea to be.

Whenever your mind wanders off to any other space than being with your warm drink, bring it back to what your doing. Reach for the mug, hold the mug with care, cool your drink with your breath if need be and drink. Appreciate what your tea is doing for you, as many have health benefits.

Do this for as many days as you need. This can be a weekly thing. Add it to your Sanity Stones calendar if it suits you well. Enjoy that drink for your health - mental, spiritual, and physical. Cheers!

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