30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 18

Day 18 Challenge:

Nurture Nature.

If you can buy yourself a coffee, you can buy yourself a plant. Hopefully, this will last longer than your coffee. This plant doesn’t have to be high maintenance. It just has to be a living piece of earth in your home.

Plants are always great in your space. Confused as to why this is a Touchdown challenge? When you connect with living things, especially things that grow out of the ground, you are grounding - see the connection.

It’s hard to get yourself into some fresh air and hang out with living things during the winter season. It’s friggen cold and plants are shedding or dying. Buy yourself a small or large potted plant, anykind you wish - you can choose food (certain herbs and flowers) or decoration styles (succulents, flowers, trees).. Make it something you like and one you will realistically keep alive.

Take care of this plant. Invite it in your home. Greet it every morning. Thank it for producing clean air for you. Dust your plant. Stick your hands in the soil. Give it love.

You can collect a plant once a week, once a month, or have an annual healthy addition to your home. Nurture nature because nature nurtures.

#gainground #soulcialthriver #wehavetouchdown

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