30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 19

Day 19 Challenge:

Love Lender.

A great way to ground yourself is to be loving. Yes, be giving and think of others. It takes you out of your head for a while, out of your “oh, me, oh, my…” for a few… So, to touchdown today, you are going to send out lots of love through meditation.

Think about the world and give it a mass burst of love. This can be done through prayer if you wish. You can also follow the blessing meditation here; with this meditation, you save yourself energy by using the pure and loving energy of any higher power that you choose.

If you’re not sure how to give love or don’t feel you are up to that, you can always start the 30 Days of Being a Love Machine challenges or you can cherry pick one that you like. This will help open up your heart so that grounding by way of sharing love with others and for others feels like a natural default.

Lend that love that others so badly need. Remember, this time of year isn’t a great one for all. Think of those people and send your love to them. Again, the meditation does a great job of doing so, but you can always follow your own intuition of how to do so or pray to whomever you choose - one that’s a beam of light and full of love.

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