30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 21

Day 21 Challenge:

Bounce for Balance.

What you’re going to do is literally bounce; this will balance your erratic energy. This is a move borrowed from TaiJi (some call it TaiQi, Tai Qi or Tai Chi), translated to Supreme Ultimate or Ultimate Life Force. So, let's use The Force. This “Shaking the Tree” exercise is used to get all your frazzled energy and shake it back into place.

As I had it explained to me by TaiJi Master and Acupuncuturist, Master (Dr.) Fu - let me paraphrase: it’s like taking a pill bottle that has been used many times and shaking it until the pills have settled into a straight line. You can liken the idea to flour, Salt, or anything else that needs blancing to be put away properly.

Starting your day with this is very helpful. It is said that it's best to practice this outside. However, you can do this at anytime you’re feeling in a funk, stressed, or anxious. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Face North (you can use your smartphone campus or an old school campus - true North is better than magnetic North; there’s an option for that on your phone).

  2. Keep your head slightly lifted.

  3. Bend your knees slightly - do NOT lock the knees.

  4. Let your body hang - let all tension in your body go.

  5. You can do deep breathing with a loose jaw or connect your tongue to the roof of your mouth (there is debate about which is better).

  6. Bounce at the knees and keep the arms and elbows loose for 3-5 minutes.

You can use this video as a guide. Loosen up a bit more than the demonstrator. Slow down the video at a speed between 0.5 and 0.75 in the settings on the video to get a realistic speed of how you’ll be attempting this.

After this mini-exercise, you should feel grounded and energized at the same time as you are putting your feet towards the ground and gaining energy from the earth. You can do this barefoot or in socks or sneakers. Sorry, ladies, it’s not a good idea, nor is it suggested, that you do this in heels; kick them off for a few if you got to.

I understand you may not want to do this in the grocery store, but really, it’s about getting back your centered energy to continue going about your day. And, since it’s a practice centuries old, who cares? Do yo’ thang. You can always Work Your Whack if this is too much for public. This is definitely recommended for home or in a private space anytime you need it. May The Force be with you.

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