30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 23

Day 23 Challenge:

Make Memories.

Plan a get together with a family member or friend and create -make something; with that, make memories. The relationship that creates together...uh...elates...together? Well, you get it. Have a joint effort to dream up and assemble something from foods to fashion, fancy to funky for the next coming days.

Anything goes for this challenge. Many people have events to prepare for, so this can be a small project or a large one. If you’re short on funds, you can always use this project as a gift for someone. Twin outfits can be the jam. House decorations, edible awesomeness, crafts upon crafts, whatever it is, just put that cocreative energy into a project with someone near and dear to you.

The only requirement that comes with this challenge is that a.) it must get done and b.) this must be approached with good spirits. Going in all grumbly is not going to work out for anyone. You can bless the project, drink to it, do a high-five routine - just give it that positive energy that we all want and need.

Remember that the goal is to make this memorable. Pick a playlist or just take pictures along the way. Most of all, spend quality time with the person you chose. Talk with them, laugh with them, love with them.

#gainground #soulcialthriver #wehavetouchdown

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