30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 24

Day 24 Challenge:

Hang Ups.

You’ve spent days buying, researching, and keeping your mind busy on what will be. Take time to be with those who are in your space now. Put the permanent attachment, AKA your cell phone, down and allot quality time with your loved ones.

Just recently, I spent time sharing pictures with my family, and all of us were staring at our cell phones. It was nice to see pictures, but we were missing out on creating memories in that moment. Quality time with family is where inside jokes, immense caring, and “remember that one time” phrases become a staple. Embrace those as much as possible because not everybody that is there now will be there for the next event.

Being in the moment is the most important for this challenge. Make this time you have as quality as possible. Let your friends and fam know fortunate you feel to share the same space, not everyone gets to have that.

Immerse yourself in the experience completely. Taste the food and drink instead of having them be a sidekick to technology. Engage in conversation as opposed to looking through people to aim for a screen. Take moments to sneak intimate conversations instead of sneak peaking a social media vid or whatever TV show is on. Sing together instead of mouthing the words while on your personal music playlist. You get it, right?

These moments are so special. It’s the reason why people do it over and over again, year after year. Don’t spoil it with unnecessary phone, computer, or TV time. Enjoy your people, thoroughly.

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