30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 25

Day 25 Challenge:

Helpful Hydration.

You’re running on empty. You have slept little, dispensed a lot of energy, ran around, have traveled or hosted, done lots and lots. You’re packing tasty goodness all up in your gullet. During all of this, did you remember to hydrate? This is extremely important to do. Yes, I’m talking about with that all natural goodness called water.

Make sure you’re getting the right amount of water in. You can visit day seven’s blog on Healthy Habits to find out what that is. So, you’ve been doing a bunch of planning, and focus work, and positive thinking, and grounding, and imagination. Why would hydration be a challenge? It is the best way to keep your body balanced. With all of the high sugar, high fat, high salt foods you’re probably ingesting along with all the conversing and engaging with friends and family, water is probably the last thing on your mind; yet, it’s the first thing your body needs. Just be mindful of that.

Keep water with you if possible (for best results, it doesn’t hurt to be choosey on what it goes in). If this is tacky for the occasion, drink about 4 plastic party water bottles (average ones found at parties) or keep your glass full of water. Chug it down with your meal and think of your drink as a dessert. If alcohol is what you’re chugging down, this hydration can save you from a hangover (drink intermittently). I mean, really, water has many health benefits, especially when you're looking to counteract whatever the overload is.

Hydrating helps with fatigue/lethargy, food coma, sugar rush - you know all the bog down from overstuffing ourselves. So, keep yourself balanced and grounded by filling your overstimulated body with some fresh, clean, yummy water.

If you're already a water fiend, kudos. You can always give yourself a break from the norm and enjoy the day by adding a little flavor to it if you so choose.

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