30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 27

Day 27 Challenge:

Intentional Inhalations.

I’m sure you’re tired from traveling, hosting, or overworking - ya know, all the stuff you need to do before enjoying it all. It's sad when you realize your friends and family are gone. It's great to know you have time. Take a moment to catch your breath. Breathe deep.

Since this is most likely a day where you get back to normal relaxation or normal activity, I’m assuming it’s a moment to catch your breath. The best breathing techniques for clearing out all the built-up energy is - you guessed it - meditative. This breathing exercise will keep a cleaner and more balanced flow throughout your body. You can do a 6-3-6-3 pattern or 7-1-7-1:

  • The first number is to count how long it takes to breathe in (count 6 or 7 seconds) to fill your lungs and diaphragm - let your belly bulge.

  • The second number (count 3 or 1 seconds) is to hold your breath while full of air.

  • The third number is to for breathing out (same counting for 6 or 7), pushing out all of the air and until your stomach is as much as flat as possible.

  • Last number (3 or 1) is how long you will hold without breath in your body.

  • Repeat the cycle as many times as you need to in order to feel calm and balanced again.

Remember, that imagination will work best with this. Think of gathering up all of your stuck or dirty energy with each intentional inhalation, then get rid of it. Expel all of that's keeping you down with energy or emotion.

Some of you are wondering why this wasn’t an earlier challenge. It’s SO SIMPLE. The majority of you had energy to spare at the beginning of the month. This is for those that are too pooped to pop.

This practice can be done as much as you need to. This does not require a day or night ritual. Whenever you are feeling like you need a moment to breath, this is the best way to go about it. Eyes closed always works for me, but that one is up to you.

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