30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 5

Day 5 Challenge:

Pixie Must

Not everyday is going to be unicorns and rainbow. And, I know that the Grateful Glass is not always fail-safe. Practice smiling anyway. Take the other days into account and find something to smile about. Don’t fake it; find a happy thought. Let that fairy dust take over. By the end of this challenge, this may be your default in tough situations. Wouldn’t that be nice!

Think of a moment that happened in childhood, maybe last year, this morning, or maybe 5 minutes ago before s*** hit the fan. Use that as a temporary boost for your mood. Now, don’t go living there; that will prove problematic. Just use it to get your smile back. Because sometimes, you have to smile to keep from crying. And that’s fine. That’s human.

Expanding isn’t necessarily about never being in a funk. It’s not about being more patient or zen than anyone else because that would be competitive, and living life is not a competition. What matters most is how quickly you get out of your funk into your good feeling space. How long can you stay there given that you are living a full life? If you have to have a mini-tantrum for a couple minutes, then it’s out of your system, hey, do you. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, it’s up to you how you get back. Now, though that tantrum is an option, wouldn’t you rather think of something pleasant?

So, if the Grateful Glass isn’t doing the job at the moment, you can always put a mental shift into some good times and let that fill your mood. Go back to what you need to handle with a calmer and more productive intention of getting it all back on track.

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