30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 7

Day 7 Challenge:

Healthy Habits

It’s been a week now and the days of stress before rest is increasing. Avoid those hurtful hankerings. Cool it on overloading of caffeine, sugar, and grease. Why would I take such gloriousness away from you? Though these affect your mood immediately in a joyous way, you will inevitably crash and feel like poo. When you feel like poo, you will want to grab these cravings again, thus leading to a vicious cycle of spike and crash.

A bunch of you just had an overload two weeks ago. Some will get your fill again in two and a half weeks, others less with all of the holiday parties to stuff your face - I mean...come your way. Give your body a break. If you celebrate all or no holidays, it’s just a good idea to keep level-headed as others will be in a frenzy-frantic-freakout in the days to come. You can avoid the peaking highs and crashing lows with a healthier habits.

I’m not telling you to diet, just to get rid of what will weigh you down when you need to think clearly. Remember, our goal here is to avoid emotional breakdowns and fetal position fallouts. For at least the next two weeks, here are some healthy substitutes to some hankerings:

  • Coffee = Drink decaffeinated coffee or cut it in half with decaf. Protein shakes are a great way to get sustainable energy. Here are seven coffee alternatives suggested by John Boitnott.

  • Sugary Treats= Nature’s candy - eat fruit. Another option is oatmeal, which you can also add fruit to, with some Grade B syrup (has more mineals) or honey. Honey or maple syrup can dress any of your warm breads. Honey or a bit of maple syrup can also be added to your drinks instead of sugar. Sugary drinks can be replaced with protein drinks or pressed fruits and/or veggies.

  • Greasy Foods = Eat baked or sauteed foods to avoid the heavy grease that sits at the bottom of your stomach. Most deep fried foods will weigh you down and keep you lethargic. Most deep fried foods also have a healthier version. Vegetable-rich soups are also great to keep you warm and fully functional during the winter season.

  • AND, always stay hydrated with the water you need. How much is that? Here is how to calculate that with help from Jennifer Stone. These simple substitutions will keep your energy going and in a good flow for grounding and getting through your days.

  • SOMETIMES, we actually mistake thirst for hunger. Drink water first; see how you feel after that.

If you’d like to add a little stretch in your morning routine or before bed, that is also a plus - you don’t need more than 10 minutes. These stretches are also helpful to warm up your cold muscles and prevent injury. You can a more intense exercise to your day to get those endorphins going if you have time. As Queen Bey says, “a little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody.”

Have a happy, healthy challenge. Use this Touchdown tip for as long as you wish.

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