30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 8

Day 8 Challenge:

Attitude Adjustment

Not everything is going to go exactly how we want it, especially with jam-packed retail stores and restaurants this time of year. And, being upset with the situation or person surrounding that situation doesn’t always change it for the better. You can say you get what you want when you complain. Fine. This time, try complaining with kindness.

You don’t have to get ferocious, nor do you have to be a pushover. Explain things in the nicest way possible even through your frustration. Take a deep breath first if you must. If they can empathize with you instead of seeing you as a threat, you may even end with a more pleasant situation.

Remember everyone surrounding you is just trying to work things out to make the day go by as easily as possible. Few people really want things to be tough and miserable for all. Everyone isn't out trying to get you. You are not always the victim.

Walking around with entitlement doesn’t go over well with many others who are trying to help. Nobody wants to hang out with that guy. Being mindful of staying kind, grateful, and giving the benefit of the doubt to others goes a long way. You may even have to be compassionate as never know what that person has been through before you stepped into their line or before they answered your call.

I mean, do you really want to be the reason someone has to vent to their friends or why they need a drink after work? I could be wrong, but I think all of us want to be the reason someone keeps chugging along. Be THAT guy.

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"Aiyana has been a breath of fresh air. She has been extremely helpful in our sessions and has given me great advice.

With her guidance, I can now see clearly what my future has in-store for me. Coming from a uncertain place she really gave me some peace of mind in a time where I was frustrated. With that being said I am extremely grateful for Aiyana and her gifts."


-Frank Banos
Licensed Hypnotherapist & Communications Specialist
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