30 Days of Touchdown: Gain Grounding Day 9

Day 9 Challenge:

Bubble Boundaries

This is going to be crucial two weeks during holiday shopping. Eek! You're going to create a beautiful pleasant bubble that keeps what you don't want outside of it. And, draw that line for your personal boundaries in order to avoid gossiping and wishing misery on folks later on.

You get that Bubble Boundary going by letting people know, in a calm and peaceful manner, when they are intruding on your personal space the first time. Yes, even the first time (if it bothers you in any way, shape, or form), that is if somebody is in close proximity that isn’t leaving soon - like in retail lines, at public events, social settings (parties: in homes or offices), etc. Don’t give yourself a reason to b**** and moan about it after if you aren’t going to speak up for yourself when it’s time. Yes, I said it. Be your own hero.

On the other hand, if you love drama, YO...do you.

Does that seem a little overboard? Well, you and I both know that some of you are ones who got a hair-trigger disrespect button - you know who you are (I used to be in that boat-I think I may have been the captain). You can simply say “excuse me,” not “excuse YOU.” This will keep you from blowing up at them or in your personal space. You can also just walk away. “Territory” isn’t as important as your SANITY.

If you wanted to wait for the the second time someone invades your space, you can kindly and calmly let them know they’ve been in your bubble twice or what part of you they've been invading. Believe it or not, some people have little to no concept of personal space.

I once had a lady hit me twice with her cart while in line. When I let her know, she hit my hip twice, she seemed shocked then backed up. I didn't get an apology; I also didn't get a cart in my hip again. Fine with me.

This Bubble Boundaries practice extends to what you are willing to do. Don’t let people strong arm you into things you’re really not okay with. You will resent them or the experience. If there is a little part of you that really does want to do something but are hesitant, it actually could end up being an extremely pleasant experience that you’re glad somebody made you sign up for.

So, it’s up to you to determine what your boundaries really are or if you just need the motivation. Around this time, people tend to overextend themselves and feel drained. To avoid that, simply know when to say no.

If you owe someone a favor, that’s your world - you gotta figure that one out. You can always offer an alternative. Again, what you’re comfortable with is up to you. Either way, stick with your bubble and your boundaries and you’ll feel much better going through your day.

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