Avoid Alienation; Make Contact

So often we feel separate in our struggles. We think that nobody could understand or want to be there for us in our times of need. Isolation becomes a close friend. That can be amazing if you’re focusing on self-healing, but if the separation is only to immerse in our own misery, it will prove to be your downfall. Closing off yourself to assistance and others in general lends to sending yourself in a downward spiral of woe is me’s and why me’s. Shine your bright-ass light, BE SEEN, and let beautiful connections begin.

When you're allowing changes and times are testing you, going inward is important and extremely helpful. Having alone time to process is absolutely necessary. However, having a soundboard to make sure that you're expanding and progressing is a way to keep you on track. I’m not saying everyone has advice you should listen to, but you'll understand where your process is when you can feel that what someone else is saying is true or is a load of BS.

There are so many aspects of life that ask us to be a powerhouse. This allows you to truly assist – your higher self provides a service to the higher good. Typically, this means you're going to be part of the community. Being a powerhouse all on your own doesn’t allow you to access all that you have to offer to the best of your ability. It just means that you rock, but you’re a one man band, which is cool, but doesn’t let anybody else co-create an ultimately amazing experience. Start letting people in, just be selective. Avoid arms distance, but definitely be choosy.

Start letting people in, just be selective.

Contrary to what some think, being cooped up in your room and dissecting/analyzing every aspect of your growth doesn’t actually help you grow; it actually alienates you from life lessons, which stunt your growth (even monks have a monastery). One of your greatest teachers is nature. Go outside to go inside. Going out and feeling the breeze; inviting the sun to kiss your skin; feeling (not tearing) the grass, roots, and leaves from what’s free underneath you; letting the moon wash over you; saying hello and listening to the animals that run into your life. If you pay enough attention, each of these have a lesson for you and your expansion.

Allowing yourself to be with yourself and not fight against you is a beautiful thing. Lemme 'splain. Giving yourself permission to love yourself fully and delve into all that you are right now in this moment without judgement is a way to become one with you, the amazing, powerful, abundant creator that you are. Understanding that your contrasting experiences, the parts you don't like, is available to show you what you don’t want in your life. Deciding, out of love, is one of the most efficient ways to develop. If you want to drop weight, instead of hating your fat, love what your body has been able to do for you – whether it’s been strength, adaptability, keeping you alive, or whatnot. Always be appreciative for what you are now and the betterment you desire will arise.

Always be appreciative for what you are now and the betterment you desire will arise.

The ultimate connection is allowing yourself to experience the Divine. Discover what greatness you know exists in the Universe. It's not separate from you. It's not some beareded dude in the sky. It isn’t something that is casting onto your being blessings and punishments. It's an energy that you can contact and let exist in all you do and all you are. When you're truly empowered to be the best version of you, let Divine show you where this beauty takes you.

The more you work together with Divine in Love and Light, the more you will understand how perfect you are. It’s easy to let contrast take over, just like it's easier to fall than to climb. Right? But, it's much more powerful and potent when you keep joy and pure love in your intentions, actions, and creations. So, take that deep breath and let Divine assist.

You always have the choice whether or not to join others in what you do. Remember that you can split the sadness and multiply the love. Know that you are capable of all the wonderful things you’ve ever imagined, especially when you let others in on it. Be mindful of who you let in. Feel how they effect your wonderful bubble. Let the good feels say, and for the others - send them off with love (for yourself and their journey). Dip yourself into beautiful feelings that surround you and are offered to you by others all hot tub-like. And, know that only wonderful things come from within yourself and through others.

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"Aiyana has been a breath of fresh air. She has been extremely helpful in our sessions and has given me great advice.

With her guidance, I can now see clearly what my future has in-store for me. Coming from a uncertain place she really gave me some peace of mind in a time where I was frustrated. With that being said I am extremely grateful for Aiyana and her gifts."


-Frank Banos
Licensed Hypnotherapist & Communications Specialist
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