Daylight at the End of the Tunnel

There are those people who are used to waking while the sun still sleeps. All bless the farmers and field workers! However, this isn’t for everybody. Those who are struggling with that hour of sleep lost and beating the sunrise, here is your Mindful Monday tip for daylight savings.

This is coming out on Sunday to prepare you for this oh, so dreaded time of year for a good deal of the US population. Tomorrow, whilst wiping the sleep out of your eyes, remember to be thankful. You’re alive! You woke up to see another day.

You have a job to go to. You have income that is making its way to you because you have chosen to sport eye snot on your hand. This is a victorious Monday morning!

During your washing ritual, be thankful for the warm water that you do get. When you are brushing those pearly whites, thank all on high that you have pearls to brush. Even if you have to thank aloud through tears, be glad that your body is healthy enough to get to work - you could always be sick in bed feeling like poo.

Smile! Yes, I said it. Smile at someone who you can tell is feeling the time change. Your moment of shine may brighten their spirits for the day. Make an effort to enjoy the day; choose to be happy.

In short, keep your head high through the dark when leaving your office, feeling like you've lost your whole day under florescent lights. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for those you care about. Caring about those that are surrounding you on your Monday morning not your thing? Do it for the progression of the day, for the betterment of society [insert heroic music]; you can be the reason all succeeds and exceeds glorious expectations. get it Have a good one!

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