Energizer Honey

It’s difficult for many on that 9 to 5 track to go in on a Monday and feel fully energized. We hear the talk at our workplace that makes it worse, especially on a Monday: “Is it Friday yet?” “When will this day end?” “I need a drink.” DON’T BUY INTO IT. Repel it like the plague. Really, none of these statements are helping you or the energy of your workplace.

It becomes commonplace to be negative, impatient, and constantly frustrated. You know, deep down, that even though this may connect you to your co-workers or employees, this is NOT the way you want to live your life.

You can make the change. Be the one who infects the room with positivity. When you and those who surround you are positive, it’s a place and space you look forward to.

So, how are you supposed to energize the office in a high-stress career around people you don’t always get along with? Believe that your day will be balls o’ amaze. You have to believe it before you can receive it. Be sweet to those around you. Take a moment before responding to their comments and questions and find the most productive and light-hearted way to answer a questions instead of putting others down to make a point.

Make light of situations. You can do this in a comical/joking way that is not mean-spirited.

For the quick-witted, try to dial back the sarcasm - I know, I KNOW, it’s not easy; I’m not claiming this is a hop, skip, and a jump to glorious Mondays. However, you will see that if you start this at least once a week, and try to implement it daily, you will start to see and feel a change around the your place of work.

"When you and those who surround you are positive, it’s a place and space you look forward to."

If you find this space is impossible to attempt happiness, maybe it’s time to look for a new job or career. Life is too short and precious to spend 40 hours of your waking moments in this environment. Yes, it’s how you’re making money. But, it’s probably taking a negative toll on you and in your personal life.

Do your best to attempt a more positive vibe at work and, sure enough, you and your co-workers or employees will feel the space will be lighter. What does that mean? Mondays will be super sweet, much more energetic, and you will actually look forward to coming in for work.


  • Believe in yourself!

  • Don’t feed the negative beast

  • Take a moment before responding

  • Be compassionate - don’t put people down

  • Be sweet and patient with others

  • You can keep your wit, but drop the sarcasm - keep jokes light.

  • Keep good energy around you

  • Practice, practice, practice

Get your co-workers and employees on board for a faster progression for your supa' sweet office energy. "Team work makes the dream work."

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