FACE OFF: Makeup VS Fresh Face

November 2017 Blog

Just some thoughts as I saw little girls walk around the streets with makeup on for Halloween. Makeup used to be a thing. Now, it’s a craze. It is so intense, there’s even a movement for women who feel they shouldn’t HAVE to wear makeup. Some people think it’s ridiculous. What they don’t see is that the problem states “have to…” There are many women that feel like they HAVE to wear makeup. When celebrities don’t wear makeup when out in public, they are SHAMED. Look at the many magazine covers that have celebrities “caught without makeup.”

In May of 2016, Alicia Keys has made it a focus in Hollywood that she will not be wearing makeup because she shouldn’t have to; it’s not her job. She didn’t want to feel like she HAD to wear makeup. Her #nomakeup campaign was twisted into an “anti-makeup” war cry. She was bashed. She was called all kinds of horrible names. She was told she should know her place and do her job. Again, IT’S NOT HER JOB. The buzz has since died down and she continues to dawn a fresh faced look, so yeah, some makeup, but it’s still a buzz for women. So, do you wear makeup or not?

When I was young, there were maybe 6 drug store brands, TOPS. Then, there were makeup counters and the more expensive mall makeup that I wouldn’t touch. In our new tech-age, because we have YouTube and Instagram, getting your brand out to the masses requires much less funding and effort. There are HUNDREDS of new makeup companies.

With so many new makeup companies that are springing up consistently, the newest, best, and cutting edge makeup companies, along makeup tips and tricks are flooding social media. As soon as one makeup company has the coolest new product, the other 50 companies have it within the week. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Either way, it’s definitely flooding social media. Once your little girl or boy is on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, it is constantly coming up. So many things are. Makeup seems to be one of the most harmless.

And, it can definitely be that. It IS an artistic outlet. It CAN lead to great, fun, and lucrative careers. It CAN be bonding. The opposing thoughts are for when it FEELS necessary for a young woman or ANY woman to HAVE to wear it - like it’s their job.

I remember my mom telling me that my dad had told her that it was her job to wear makeup for him - to always be PRESENTABLE. That was a common and popular belief. In order to be PRESENTABLE, women HAD to wear makeup.

SIDENOTE: For guys to complain about the deception of what a woman looks like before and after taking her “face off,” is plain bullshit. If someone thinks that a female really looks like that, you have got to be completely ignorant or hiding under a rock. True, some women have superb artistic skills. However, it is called makeup...like make believe. IT’S NOT REAL.

Presentable makeup satire by JJ Smith: How to Disguise Yourself to Steal a Man's Soul

*Explicit language- lots of it.

I wore makeup, ALWAYS. No matter what I did, what the weather, who would see me, I ALWAYS had makeup on. By the young, tender age of 13, my freshman year of high school, I wore a full face of makeup. At 13! I wore less or more here and there, but ALWAYS HAD TO HAVE my makeup on. I also had A LOT of insecurities. I’m at a point now where I wear my makeup if I damn well feel like it (which is the point Alicia Keys was trying to make). Why do I have to use such strong language? The emotional charge that comes with not wearing makeup feels like having to stand up for yourself. It’s letting people know that you will do with your body what you damn well please.

"I remember my mom telling me that my dad had told her that it was her job to wear makeup for him - to always be PRESENTABLE."

This emotional breaking point is not for everyone. Some women don’t see the point. They never wore it. They wore it when they felt like it. Nobody told them how they should look. They didn’t buy into social expectations and marketing. And, let’s be honest, for some it’s simply because they don’t know how to put it on. Either way, bless those women and the people who raised them. High-five to their natural beauty or their natural “kiss my ass” attitude.

This struggle is for women who feel pressured to look PRESENTABLE to be a performer, or a boss, or even an employee. High school interview preparation videos are STILL telling young women they should wear makeup to an interview.

In a makeup saturated society, the battle seems to be between wearing all or none. I say wear whatever the hell you feel like. Wear a full on mask of makeup that needs to be peeled off. Wash your face and wear not a stitch of makeup. Roll out of bed for all I care - just please take the morning crust out of your eyes. We’re at a point in our society where the pressure to “have to wear makeup” needs to chill. Judging someone else for not putting adult crayons on their face is ridiculous. People are so encouraged to be individuals, so why is it such an issue to let them do as they please with their face, celebrity or not.

"Judging someone else for not putting adult crayons on their face is ridiculous."

There is so much of an overload of what society is screaming at us that it just sounds like noise. Yes, the younger, the more influenced. But, what we also have is a rise in YouTube personalities and pop music telling youngins to be themselves, whatever that may mean for them, including all, some, or no makeup.

When it comes to women, or men, wearing making, survey says: mind your own...unless it’s your kid (your house, your rules). They’re not hurting anyone. Understand it as an expression. So, as Salt-N-Pepa preached in 1990, “Express yourself, you gotta be you and only you, babe/Express yourself, and let me be me.”

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