Get Over It

What’s really on my mind right now is staying well while being sick. Yes, I got sick. So, how do you stay in the right state of mind when your mind is full of fog? That is a great question. It’s possible, but it isn’t easy. So, let’s explore this, shall we?

I was thinking of abandoning this Mindful Monday altogether considering it’s now Tuesday night. However, what I post has been helpful to me, which is why I post the information. And, they are tactics that can be used any day of the week, at any tie. So, even though I feel like poo and just want to lay down swaddled in multiple blankets and groan myself to sleep, I am going to write.

As a teacher, I had to power through and go to work, feeling like death was at my heels. If I didn’t attend, I had to write lesson plans anyway to send it, so it wasn’t really restful, especially because I had substitute teachers that I had to rely on, which is a very uneasy feeling for more reasons than I will disclose. So, I know what it’s like to not want to work for your wellbeing, but have to attend because of your sanity. Please heed my advice.

Take care of yourself. Get everything you need to make your day easier. If you can wear sweats to work, do it. If you can carry around a tissue box, do it. Pop those throat soothers as often as you need. Take teas with you. Soup it up. Stay hydrated. Stay away from mucus and headache inducing foods - e.g. dairy, sugar, red meats, greasy foods. Check out Challenge 7 of 30 days of

Touchdown: Gain Grounding to see how.

Don’t go so hard on yourself. If you can postpone anything that’s due, make that happen. If you can do your work in an alternative way that makes it easier on your situation but is still technically getting it done, opt for that. Pushing yourself may make your condition worse and last longer, resulting in many more negatively impacted work days in the long run. AND, nobody wants your sick germs around anyway, seriously.

I had a job at a MAC counter in a Nordstrom’s way back in the day. I had a cough that that turned into an infection. I couldn’t miss many days, so I kept going and ended up having Acute Bronchitis for FOUR MONTHS. Yes, I was coughing up a lung and working on women’s face for FOUR MONTHS. That was just insane. Never again! The women I worked on seem a little grossed out and I don’t blame them.

Your health is important. The upkeep of your body is important. Whatever you put in your body, try to make it a long run helpful medicinal if possible. If you can stay away from work, it’s the best way for you. Your body will recuperate much faster if you give it what it needs - rest and helpful supplements to ease your symptoms. Take care of you so you can take care of work minus all the fog, aches, and pains - you know, with the WHOLE of you.

Sometimes the most productive thing to do is NOTHING. Rest well, my fellow sickeans.

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