Get That New New.

Happy NEW Year, ALL! The emphasis is on “new.” This is a time to look at your job, career, business as the most amazing thing you can be a part of. It is either your dream or a stepping stone to what you truly desire. IF there is no way you can think of it that way, it may be time to look into what you want in life and find work that heads in that direction. DON'T be afraid to ask for help - we're human, we need it.

You can calculate all the hours you spent working last year or you can simply know that it’s a lot. Just know it’s probably A LOT. Being at work doesn’t necessarily count all the hours you think about work as well. That takes up part of your living, and sometimes sleeping, hours.

If you have no passion, maybe it’s time to look deep inside and start loving yourself and those around you (30 Days of Being a Love Machine is great for that). You may find a spark of motivation with the smile it brings. This is not to say any of these moves are going to be easy; however, nothing will move until you make it so.

Not liking your job then changing your setting doesn’t mean you have to be the boss of the interest you pursue. It’s a lot of work and not everyone can stomach all that comes along with that - especially, lack of security. However, if you know you need to make something happen in a way that only you can accomplish in your special way, I’m with you! I’m actually an Intuitive with a background in Teaching and can help you on your business journey. That being said, you need to keep it real with yourself. Are you ready to move forward? Prove it. Take the steps to go get that new experience in your new year. Kicker: you HAVE to take the steps.

May this be the year we rock well. The world is going to keep on turning and doing it’s thing. So, let us keep burning through the trail and doing our thang. If you are loving your job, career path, or business, high-five to you. May we all be blessed enough to feel what you do.

Make this year your friend to walk with, not your enemy to confront. Definitely have your boundaries with 2018 set up so it doesn't push you around. Yet, coming out swinging to a new start may not be the best way to go about it.

Intentions should run high with goodness and positive flow. We don’t need to show the world who’s boss. We need the world to know we appreciate what it is and only want to work with it to make it the best it can be.

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