Start Being a Baby

Since youth, most of us have been conditioned by society (connect the dots or not, it’s in there). Along the way, the little rebels let go of the warnings whereas others clung onto what they were warned about even if it didn’t feel like it made sense.

Then, came our own experiences that we attached to from our parents, peers, and the world around us – magazines, ads, doctors, then internet findings and whatnot. What we learned from MANY of these experiences is not to trust, including ourselves.

Aight, let's dive a little deeper into...WTF. Why is this a thing?

Let’s take a look at babies: they tend to be little magnets; they’re attracted to certain people and situations and repelled by others. That starts to change when they’re told to be affectionate because someone is family or a good friend, situations and/or events have been planned, or practices have been passed down through generations.

What's glossed over is that baby intuition is on point! There are babies who are empathic and will act according to the energy of the people around them, affecting their behavior to become angry, bratty, selfish, and whatnot. Again, they’re reprimanded for that behavior instead of us being open to understanding and interpret the energy around them (by no means am I suggesting you let the little ones run the household, just that you allow them to be indicators of energy as opposed to immediate reprimanding).

I’m writing this to let you know that we can get back to our magical baby senses back (sans fits, crying, and the urge to poop and pee in our pants). Yes, we can learn to trust again!

"But, the news says… You have to consider… My auntie went through… That girl on TV was…" Some points valid, some excuses. Your innate and refined intuition will let you know which situations could be dangerous for YOU and which are fears that DON'T belong to you.
Your innate and refined intuition will let you know which situations could be dangerous for YOU and which are fears that DON'T belong to you.

When we have fears that we allow in our energetic fields, it attracts those situations just so you can say, “see, I told you so” because the Universe is ALWAYS working in our favor. It wants to give you what you ask for.

You think you’re going to be taken advantage of? You got it – here’s a platter of shitty relationships. Traveling is dangerous? OK – Here is your travel related sickness coming right up. You’ve been on real life high lately, but what comes up must come down? As you wish.

Yes, there is also inflated ego that claims you can do anything at any time and it will go well. And, it will always go well, but maybe not WHEN or HOW you envisioned it to. Divine timing is always working to benefit you best (even if it seems not so awesome in that very moment). Remember that your idea of what’s awesome for you may dim in comparison to what the Universe knows will serve you best. Either way, TRUST is the most important thing here – trust your intuition, your spirit guides, and Divine timing.

As for the things that others go through with seemingly horrible experiences and diseases, know that they are going through THEIR journey, and YOU are not THEM.

Whatever YOU encounter is specific to what you want to learn about your experiences, your journey, your purpose, and especially your SELF. Nothing will be dealt to you that the Universe thinks you can’t handle – the key factor is: will you identify with and hold onto that negative experience, happening, disease, or will you decide that it doesn’t belong in your life and you are willing to do whatever it takes for it not to kill your spirit?

Many will tout, “you learn from your mistakes;” YES, VERY TRUE. However, what are you learning? What’s your take away? If it’s to close yourself off or make sure you get yours…LOVE to break it to you; that’s NOT it. If it’s to move forward with LOVE and some HEALTHY boundaries, then YES, a thousand times, yes.

[M]ove forward with LOVE and some HEALTHY boundaries...

Remember, like we talked about in “Whatchu Know ‘Bout Forgiveness,” a knee-jerk reaction ain’t working for ya. That reaction can be tied to a story of yours that needs to end. And, NO, a reaction is not intuition (you know when it’s intuition – it IMMEDIATELY feels like the best move; it feels like a sigh of relief). Give it a second – a few breaths or a few days – before you decide what feels right and what doesn’t. Whatever or whoever is making the situation feel like you need to hurry up with a reply can wait.

So, how can you start to know the differences? Well, you can give it a little test:

1. Start by touching your heart with the ring and middle finger of any hand you choose.

2. Take at least one deep breath.

3. Let the sound of your heartbeat fill your body.

4. Make sure your heart starts in a calm state (if it's not calming, take a few more

breaths, meditate, or do something relaxing).

5. Present the situation to yourself in your mind.

a. If your heart starts beating crazy before you even finish the thought, that’s fear.

b. If after a few seconds of sitting in the situation, your heart speeds up AND feels

uneasy, that’s your intuition saying it's a no-go (given that you don’t give your

“what ifs” a chance - as those are heavy influencers back into fear).

c. Other funky feelings can be a sign of letting go of unnecessary fear (it feels

good, but something in your body feels weird or painful)– you can check-in for that too with the same step-by-step process to find out.

d. Feeling warmth after thinking of the situation is a go.

e. Feeling your heart speed up with tingles or warmth is exciting and a good sign.

6. Let your heart return to normal and repeat for the next situation.

7. If you’re not sure what’s going on in your reactions, you can call in reinforcements.

a. You can feel it with your gut by keeping your fingers to your heart and placing

your palm to your stomach, under your belly button.


b. by keeping one hand on your heart, then touching your Third Eye (top of the

forehead closer to your hairline – not the middle of the eyebrows or forehead)

with the opposite hand’s ring and middle finger.

[Either way, both of your hands are now engaged with your intuitive senses.]

8. It’s ok if you don’t get it right away. This is a beginning practice you’re opening up to

start awakening your personal intuitive senses or to get you back if you’ve lost your


It’s helpful to keep in mind that the Universe is never intentionally pissing you off. What it’s doing is sending you messages to see if you can find your way back home – back to Love that’s saturated with Divine graces.

Once you’ve opened up that baby-like intuition, start to know that you will eventually have a life free of fear and full of knowing what your best moves are. It may take some time. So, remember to believe it before you receive it. Much Love to your Shining Lights, you Beautiful Beings.

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