We Get By With a Little Help...

It’s so easy to try to do it all yourself, well, kinda…it’s actually extremely exhausting and unnecessary. But, people will fight tooth and nail with the idea of co-creating because it means you have to trust someone else to do their part. Well, thankfully, we’re not in high school anymore and we’ve gone over all of the trust exercises.

Working with other people can be EXTREMELY rewarding. Also, knowing that when co-creating with others, they have their own journeys and that is part of the beautiful experience. You’re not only excited to cheer the other person/people on, but you become more understanding with their life happenings and yours. When you choose to have the experience as more than an arms distance experiment, wonderful things come into fruition.

It's common for companies that feel like family to thrive. A Buddhist quote sums it up, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Some will say, yeah, fast all the way, screw waiting for those who’ll slow you down. But, fast doesn’t mean that you can sustain yourself. And, it’s understood that everyone has their own journey and they may find their tribe once they go fast, but that’s not in the cards for everyone.

Once you decide that you can do it alone, but you understand how magical it can be once you work with others, the possibilities for success are LIMITLESS. Connecting with others is talking to them, getting to know them, playing to their passions, unleashing yours and feeling safe doing so, sharing experiences and creating memories, splitting the sorrow and doubling the joy, and the list goes on and on.

Enlist help from multiple sources and choose what feels good. Go to friends and family to ask if they know anyone (that’s how I found my boyfriend/business partner/love of my life of nearly 3 years – he was a recommendation to work with me first). You can also ask a professional group of friends, or even groups/communities online for recommendations. Do that and trust that the right people will be available at the perfect time. You know that exists now, so run with it.

Did you have to shed a lot of your friends and family in the healing process. This happens. You're NOT alone. You are reinventing yourself, so make space for new people in your life. But, how? You've worked so hard on the friendships that aren't serving you anymore. Now you get to cultivate beautiful relationships that will go beyond meeting you where you are; they will lift you up. You will get the chance to be selective. Those who don't fit will be sent off with Love. Be thankful you were given the opportunity to be choosy and wish them well on their journey.

Thankfully, we are in a social media age. USE IT. You got Facebook Groups, MeetUp, MeWe, Instagram...find these people in your area and (here's the fun part) ACTUALLY meet up with them. Go beyond the technology connection.

Find a new group at work, go to coffee shops and vibe with folks. Go to your favorite stores and be open to "happenstance meetings." There are no coincidences. Join a sport, activity, volunteer...there are SO many ways. Utilize all that surrounds you once you get out of your nook and into yourself out in the world. Got it? Good!

Understand that when you trust yourself and others to work in connection with allowing dreams to manifest, you do open yourself up to many happenings. But, you know that these happenings, no matter what, will always have the best outcome.

Lots of love to your co-creating unions of shining light! Go, get ‘em.

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