Whatchu Know 'Bout Forgiveness?

This is the start to your Forgiveness Process - how to and why it's uber helpful. Welcome to Step 1.

We’ve all had that moment when saying something to or about someone burns. Truly. Your head feels like it hit a flash fryer. Your body gets uncomfortably hot. You soon get that cool sensation that sinks into, “what the hell did I just…” You know what I mean. It FELT wrong, whether or not justified, it just didn’t feel good because…well, because it wasn’t you, TRULY you. THAT nasty burn is your knee jerk reaction taking control of you instead of taking time to give yourself a minute to adjust and be true to yourself; you know, the fo' real, fo' real you.

So much of who we are lives INSIDE of us: our thoughts, our actions, our energies; external situations are just that, EXTERNAL. When we internalize what doesn’t feel good from the external and let it take up real estate, we are truly hurting ourselves. "Ourselves" are beings of LOVE. So, when we understand that’s being tested, we're able to make a crucial decision about our past pains, forgive or let it live.

As adults, we choose how to react to the external situation; we’re not kids anymore. It's definitely necessary for us to feel – but, letting those negative situations live on for longer than need be for us to learn from it just promotes dimming that little light of yours that wants to shine. And, yes, that light may have been dimmed beyond your control as a child, but again, YOU’RE in charge now.

[L]etting those negative situations live on for longer than need be for us to learn from it just promotes dimming that little light of yours that wants to shine.

Reacting, holding on, and keeping your light dim can then turn into baggage that we desperately hold onto that is no longer necessary; it’s not ours anymore – it’s trash. It’s like being a packrat of harmful thoughts, actions, and energies. Again, it can weigh you down if you decide to let it. But, really, we know ain’t nobody got time for that.

Initially, we hold onto what’s ours, then add a little bit of what we create for protection. We take it with us until protection becomes corruption of the beautiful beings that we are. We’re basically letting it set up shop and live in our home (our bodies) and make us pay rent; we’re paying for it.

"I'm in a glass case of emotion!"

Then, if we don’t get brave enough to tell corruption to leave, it festers, takes up more than just some space on our couch. Hatred is way worse than visitors staying too long; way worse than a fish smell. It encourages bitterness towards things that may possibly be loosely related, not targeting the origin at all. You're treating the symptom, not curing the cause.

Deep analogies aside, letting someone or something take advantage of us IS NOT our true nature because we love ourselves too much. In loving ourselves, we understand others. When we understand others, we see that everybody is going through SOMETHING. Once we realize this, we can WAKE UP our hearts, our true selves, to forgive.

We signed up for what happens to us, so that we may learn to love ourselves the most and love others with empathy and the willingness to help them move forward. When we forgive, we free ourselves from the unnecessary crap, an energetic chain...of crap, to a self that doesn’t want to be imprisoned by anger and energies that are no longer serving us.

Forgiveness DOES NOT make you weak. It does the exact opposite. It allows you to OVERCOME a situation instead of letting it eat at you. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen who YOU truly are.

So, check it. This is the CRAP Process in phases:

Phase 1: COEXISTENCE - Love and allow pure light energies to flow freely in and around us.

Phase 2: READJUSTMENT - Protect/Shield ourselves when our Love and Light is disrupted.

Phase 3: AFFLICTION - Protections/shields become walls, which seem healthy.

Phase 4: PREDICAMENT - Walls become harmful thoughts, actions, and energies to ourselves and others.

The list can go on and on until we decide to be defeated or to get back to being beautifully strong.

When we make healthy decisions, phase 1-2 stay the same, but phase 3 and phase 4 change into the CREW Process:

Phase 1: COEXISTENCE - Love and allow pure light energies to flow freely in and around us

Phase 2: READJUSTMENT - Protect/Shield ourselves when our Love and Light is disrupted

Phase 3: ENHANCEMENT - Forgive the person, situation, and/or self and let go of/grow from what was

Phase 4: WELFARE - Create healthy boundaries out of love and respect for your self- thoughts, self-actions, self-energies and those for others

Remember, the boat gets across faster with a crew. So, now that you know, just cut the CRAP Process and keep moving between the beautifully strong CREW Process phases 1-4 and never crumble.

NOTE: In Phase 3, when lifting up/letting go of your inner-hostility or grudge for someone, close up your meditation/prayer/practice in gratitude with a Compelling Command:

“I’m grateful/thankful for this releasing/letting go…

…so be it.”


…and so it is.”


…my word is my bond.”


…this is what I want, so this is what I get.”

Emotions are good, MOSTLY. They give us an opportunity to let go, clean out our home (body) of what doesn’t belong. However, if you let that negative emotions hang out for too long instead of letting it pass through, you’re back to phase 3 of the CRAP Process – the Affliction Phase. The only emotions that belong in our space long-term is love, happiness, and joy.

All unwanted situations and emotions are here to HELP us learn what we don’t want in our existence. What we don’t want, we release and start to come back to our true selves. ONLY then, can we TRULY help others get to their true selves back and sit in the experiences of love, happiness, and joy just as you have. Be excited that you can acknowledge and move through what you don't want in your life experiences.

So, make your decisions. How quickly can you pull yourself out of the darkness? How quickly can you learn from the situation? How quickly are you willing to forgive and let go? Write out or claim aloud the desired answers to these statements for extra impact. It'll sound/write like, "I can instantly pull myself out of the darkness."

Forgiveness is the key to freeing yourself. You are the master of your situation. You have the POWER to decide what stays and what goes. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you must befriend or allow that energy in your space again. It means that that ill feeling is NOT allowed to control your world. You now control what energies deserve your focus.

You have the POWER to decide what stays and what goes.

When you make decisions that are best for you, nothing can take that from you unless you let it. YOU are in charge of what is. You are responsible for your love, happiness, and joy.

Lots o' Love to your Shining Light.

Step 1: How to Forgive and Why

Step 2: Forgiving Others

Step 3: Forgiving Authority/Hierarchy

Step 4: Forgiving Self

Step 5: Forgiving Situations

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