You Got This, Trust YOU

It’s challenging to trust others when we can’t even trust ourselves. Many of our problems come from ideas that we’ve developed and/or adapted. We took those ideas, identified with them, and made them our stories (who we are).

There were stories such as: you’re not __________ enough…smart, pretty, handsome, strong, flexible, quick, talented, creative, dependable, blah, blah, blah. These stories were someone else’s ideas of you, you decided to hold the idea close, then you claimed it was your reality.

You thought selling yourself short would be a good idea because you wanted to be protected, so this adopted idea made sure you never felt foolish. In reality, it kept you from loving yourself fully. This idea limited you and kept you from really growing beyond. And now, you’re stuck.

When you don’t trust yourself to accomplish the things you desire, you project that others can’t be trusted. Or, you put ALL of your trust in others and find out that handing it off and crossing your fingers doesn't turn out like you'd hoped it would; you just end up disappointed.

When you put all of the power outside of yourself, your situations are destined to fail. Why? Well, that’s because you are not playing an active part in your life. You go from creating your story to being a bystander.

When you put all of the power outside of yourself, your situations are destined to fail.

If you watched a movie where the main character had everyone do everything for them and they didn’t do a damn thing. Would you still be interested in the main character if there was no growth, nothing accomplished, just a static character? Would you be invested in what their…not doing? And, if they then were upset/hurt by what the others did while they sat there and did nothing, wouldn’t you find them a bit ridiculous?

Trusting yourself, in that you are capable, allows you to bring trustworthy people and valuable situations. Now, I'm not talking about making it happen. I'm talking about knowing it's possible and taking the steps put in front of you to ALLOW it to happen.

Trusting yourself, in that you are capable, allows you to bring in trustworthy people and valuable situations.

Law of attraction will bring in what you decide your reality is. Your old story may have brought in people you didn’t trust because you didn’t want to trust/you didn’t trust yourself. You can actively change that. How? Trust yourself. Trust that you can do it. Now, just ‘cause you can do it doesn’t mean you WANT to. And, therein lies requesting help.

Developing a community of assistance is a GREAT thing. But, remember they are there for just that – assistance (you don't do it all; they don't do it all). You could learn that task, but it doesn’t mean you want to. Enlist help. Create a relationship and continue on the parts you desire and enjoy.

You may decide you do want to learn it but want to keep working with that other person. You may decide you want to learn and will move on from that assistance and move on from that person in a loving way. Shit may end up stinky with assistance and you learned that you prefer to learn it yourself or that it's not something you want to do after all.

There could be thousands of outcomes, but you trusting that it's possible for you and that you know what’s best for you will always bring about the most beneficial results. Keep in mind that no matter what, the situation was valuable. If you didn’t get ANYTHING out of the situation, you aren’t being open enough to understand it.

Doubts keep our vast potential from freedom to expand. Why would you want to lock up your potential? That false sense of security ate away at your confidence and trusting yourself. Now, here’s your opportunity to decide to rewrite your story.

Doubts keep our vast potential from freedom to expand.

As a dancer, I held on to a common idea that many of us are klutzes in regular day-to-day activities. I used to think that it was because I focused on a particular movement that I disconnected my coordination while in “mundane” activities, like…life-ing. And, it wasn’t until I decided that I was over that story that things changed. I’m proud to say that I no longer run into doors, counters, stub toes, drop food on my clothes, nor mis the curb or any other steps.

So, are you really the klutz that can’t get through the day without hurting yourself? Are you really that person that was a victim to that situation from before? Do you and/or other people really suck? If you want to keep believing that, you can. Or, you can drop that shit like it’s hot and burning up your growth and expansion…’cause it is.

Start trusting yourself to do things that you said you weren’t good at or capable of doing. Start making it so. *SIDENOTE: Technology and I were NOT friends; now, we’re homies. Look at anything you decided wasn’t an option or opportunity and open yourself up to see them differently. If you keep seeing yourself as a hinderance to your awesome life, it’s going to be really difficult to trust any good thing is gonna come your way. Here’s your OPPORTUNITY to tell yourself how you feel about you, a chance to change your story.


  • I am beautiful inside and out

  • I am capable

  • I am smart

  • I am talented

  • I am creative

  • I am loved

  • I am benevolent

  • I always know what’s best for me

Say these things (or edit for what fits your wants/needs) to yourself every day in an affirmation first thing in the morning and before you go to bed, and especially in your times of need (when you feel the most down about yourself or others). Let it be your healthy snack for your spirit. Say it, think it, believe it, be it. This is what you knew before you were born. Reclaim it!

You are MORE than capable of dropping the old habits and cutting off the attraction of mucky yuckness, yes I said MUCKY YUCKNESS. Now, go on and trust that you can be a magical fricken unicorn!

Alrighty, Beautiful Beings. Know that I’m rooting for you and sending lots o’ Love to your Shining Light.

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