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A Playground of Sacred Connexion

So, you've been doing the work, and STILL, you're having a rough go with it. You've tasted flow and your magical abilities, and you seem to be falling off into spiraling way more often than you'd like to admit. Maybe you're even judging yourself too much and things just doesn't feel right. I get it! And, through my experiences of trial and refinement, I've cultivated a process to help your journey be a more gentle one.

This experience is being created for a coming together of like-hearted individuals to learn how to integrate your spirituality into an enriching and harmonious relationship with all that is to highlight your highest vibes.

If you're ready to sit in the driver seat to gain open and safe access to your answers within, Soulcial Connexion invites to you expand your evolutionary journey of heart-centered leadership.

Get to...Know Thyself
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Soulcial Connexion

What do Beautiful Beings Get to Experience Within
Soulcial Connexion: Know Thyself?

Who's Invited to Come Play?

  • You've already started on your spiritual journey and are looking to enhance your connection and deepen your knowledge with a multitude of modalities that enhance YOUR gifts, inviting you to take the reins of YOUR journey.

  • You're experiencing challenges and cycles that would benefit from a panel of support professionals to lift you onward and upward.

  • You're ready for a community of heart-centered powerhouses to walk with you in this brilliant experiences to your truest self.

  • You're ready to lighten up the heaviness, enjoy the journey, and HAVE FUN!

Sign me up!
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I want to join 
Know Thyself!

What next?

To contribute to our container of Safety, Integrity, and Support, we'd like to get to know you and learn how this space can be truly beneficial in your growth into deep relating and connexion.


Please sign up for our Soulcial Connexion Clarity Call. This will allow you to get all your questions answered, learn specific details about the event, and ensure the event will support the high-vibrational Soulcial Connexion you've been calling in! 

Why Pre-Meet to...Know Thyself


We are excited to introduce you to our event and our team of teachers! Get more information on how Know Thyself can serve you in your journey. 



Who They Be

Lead Teacher - Spiritual Relation Connexion

Aiyana Soulcial
Divine Alchemist & Rebirth Manifest Doula 
Founder & CEO, Soulcial Healing

Aiyana, a credentialed educator with a Master's Degree in teaching from USC, has poured every aspect of her being into her healing journey, which has refined her stepping into her Divinity as a Celestial Shaman. She fast tracks heart-centered powerhouses who know there's more for them within this lifetime experience, partnering into their journey of their highest vibrational consciousness into rebirthing their truest and most aligned impactful being.

Teacher - Connexion to Sacred Metaphysical Tools 
Day 2: Sacred Support and Enhancements from the Universe 

Zaid Sri Anta
Vibrational Engineer & Semiotics Technician
Founder & CEO, Sacred Semiotics

Zaid, passionate about building and design since youth, has channeled that passion into creating energetic tools for healing and self development. His background in material engineering coupled with his love for metaphysical knowledge and science, particularly in semiotics and vibration, allows him to put energetic concepts into understandable practices. Through the study of semiotics, vibrational meaning of signs and symbols, he helps others to understand the interconnectedness of various modalities in both their masculine and feminine experience.

Teacher - Interexperiencial Relation Connexion

Donnie Hill
Somatic Leadership Coach & Business Growth Strategist
Founder & CEO, Life Maximizer

As a Somatic Restoration Guide and Trauma-Informed Business Growth Strategist, Donnie’s passion and interdisciplinary work comes together at the intersection of leadership development,  nervous system education, and sales and marketing. Today, he helps heart-centered, impact-focused entrepreneurs and leaders build their business or dream vision in an enjoyable and sustainable way so they don’t have to sacrifice their joy, their wellbeing, or their nervous system.

What They'll Teach

Day 1: Energy Hygiene & Higher  Guidance,
Day 2: Energy Health & Interwoven Connexion
Day 3: Spirituality & the 'Ships

  • Learn how to protect your being through Love, not fear, in harmony with Mama Earth and Pops Universe.

  • Build that relationship with them as well as your true Spirit Guides for accurate answers and get the foundational pieces of how to decipher their cryptic messages to invite the pieces of your life to flow, not fall, into place.

  • Drop energetically toxic experiences to continue healthy relating to yourself and the world around you to uplift your leadership.

Day 2: Sacred Support and Enhancements from the Universe 

  • Learn how utilize tools with honorable intention and accurate recipes for proper usage.

  • Build your relationship with your inner and outer power by relating to these tools in respect to yourself and all that is in the highest vibration

  • Drop having to "use and be used" and create a beautifully balanced intention for those you're leading in your space.

Day 3: Leader Emergence Into Sacred Ground

  • Learn how connect with your body for a holistic ability to empower and cultivate your being

  • Build your relationship with your systems to maintain a manageable, cohesive, and nurturing expansion experience for you and those you're leading

  • Drop draining yourself by creating boundaries for the betterment of your experience and those you're leading for authentic relating

Additional Connexion Facilitators

IMG_0276 2.jpg

Sam Burnett 
Intuitive Body Integrator

Energy and Physical Body Integration

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 11.10_edited.jpg

Tamyris Garcia 
Transformational Coach
& Inner Child Whisperer

Inner Child Facilitated Connexion


Tara Stricker Woodhouse
Soul Alignment Coach
& Flower Essence Intuitive Healer

Intuitive Essence Tincture Design

Meet Your Soulcial Connexion

Are you ready to wholeheartedly dedicate access to your true essence? 

We want to honor your dedication by offering you an
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through May 26th, 2022

Partnership Early Riser


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from May 26th - June 13th, 2022

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journey work with Aiyana

Get to...Know Thyself Modality

Thank you for choosing YOU!

Why Soulcial?


"Soulcial" was the name chosen by Aiyana as the type of healing she wanted to witness in the world since in 2018, as she had been wanting more authentic and deeper level of connecting, socializing from the soul. Thank you for wanting to heal soulcially.

Why Connexion?


"Connexion" was the original spelling of the word, and we're shifting into to an evolved method of our roots and ancient innerstandings. The "x" is an intersecting of lines; we believe that this isn't a hierarchal experience, rather that we all come from our own experiences, meeting in the middle to share what we've learned to support others in their journey. 

Why Know Thyself?

Know Thyself Philosophies

  • Socratic, "knowing your true nature as an immortal sou.."

  • Platonic, "recognizing your mind’s/soul’s potential to understand the essence of philosophical concepts such as justice, love, goodness, and so on."

  • Empericist, "becoming acquainted with your past while also not being bound or limited by it.

  • Kantian, "constructing your own reality"

  • Nietzschean, " embracing your own creative power to author a life story for yourself that is uniquely suited to you, actively

No matter which philosopher you agree with, all express that your Beautiful Being is much deeper and expansive.


One of our sole goals with this experience, and all the work Aiyana Soulcial enacts, is support others that truly and fully want to know what is possible, know how they are invited to do in the world, know why this enriches a fulfilling lifestyle, and know who they be. 

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